Reflective Beam Smoke Detector EC-100R

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Product code: EC-100R

The EC-50R/-100R ⭐
✅ comprises a transmitter and receiver in a single enclosure and is usually installed between 19 inches and 24 inches below the ceiling ⭐
✅ The transmitter emits an invisible infrared light beam that is reflected via a prism mounted directly opposite and with a clear line of sight. The reflected infrared light is detected by the receiver and analyzed. Smoke in the beam path will reduce the received infrared light proportionally to the density of the smoke. The detector analyzes this attenuation or obscuration of light and acts accordingly. Detectors are typically mounted within ±30 feet (9.14 m) of a potential fire source. Consult your Authority Having Jurisdiction for spacing requirements specific to your locality


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Product information

Standard Features

• Coverage: 50R range 15 -160 ft (4.6 - 48.8 m); 100R range 160- 330 ft (48.8 - 100 m)

• Microprocessor controlled

• Automatic drift compensation

• Simple alignment

• Selectable alarm thresholds

• 24 Vdc operating voltage

• Latching or non-latching operation

• Low current consumption

• Optional Ground Level Test Station


- Reflective beam smoke detectors are ideal for large open areas such as warehouses, hotel atriums, industrial plants and school gymnasiums.

- An infrared signal is projected out of the transmitter optics to the reflector placed at the opposite end of the detection zone. The signal is reflected back to the receiver where it is analyzed for fire and trouble. The EC-50R/-100R must be positioned correctly to minimize the detection time. The maximum lateral distance either side of the beam is found to be typically 30 feet (9.1 m) for satisfactory detection under flat ceilings, providing a total area coverage of 19,800 square feet (60 feet x 330 feet), or 1844 square metres (18.3 x 100.6 m)

- Smoke stratification may be overcome by mounting multiple beam detectors at different heights, one of which will project an infrared beam below the heat layer and the smoke layer.

- Detection time will be longer in a building with a peaked roof if a fire occurs at the fringes of the protected area. If in doubt conduct appropriate smoke tests.

Detector Spacing

Reflective Beam Smoke Detector EC-50R

Typical Wiring

The field wiring interface is accessed through the back plate of the detector head. The 8-pin connector is the interface to the field and is numbered to right. This diagram is an example for a single reflective beam unit installed as the only device on a zone. The correct operation for Fire and Trouble should always be verified. Relays are shown in quiescent (standby) condition. Alarm and End of Line resistor are determined by the fire alarm control panel and market standard practices.

Reflective Beam Smoke Detector EC-50R



Reflective Beam Smoke Detector EC-50R

Test Station

Reflective Beam Smoke Detector EC-50R


Reflective Beam Smoke Detector EC-50R

Engineering Specifications


The projected beam type smoke detector shall be a 4-wire 12/24 Vdc device to be used with UL listed 4-wire control panels. The unit shall be listed to UL 268 and shall consist of an integrated transmitter and receiver. The beam detector shall operate between a range of 160 and 330 feet (48.77 and 100 m). It shall feature automatic gain control, which will compensate for gradual signal deterioration due to dirt accumulation on the lenses. The unit shall include a wall mounting bracket. Testing shall be carried out using a calibrated test filter. It shall be possible to test the detector without direct access to it by means of a remotely installed key-operated test station.

Technical Specifications

Beam Detector
Power Supply 10.2 Vdc to 30 Vdc (continuous power)
Current Standby: Less than 4 mA Alarm/Trouble: Less than 14 mA
Contacts Alarm: Normally Open, rated 2A, 30 Vdc, resistive Trouble: Normally Closed, rated 2A, 30 Vdc, resistive
Signal Delay Alarm and trouble: 10 seconds
Reset Time >5 seconds (power down)
Dimensions (HxWxD 8.25 in x 5.1 in x 4.7 in (21 cm x 13 cm x 12 cm)
Weight 1.5 lb (0.68 kg)
Operating Environment

Temperature: 32° F to 100° F (0° C to 37° C)

Humidity: 93%RH, Non-condensing

Beam Coverage Width: 30 ft (9.14 m) either side of beam Length, EC-50R: 15 ft to 160 ft (4.57 m to 48.77 m) Length, EC-100R: 160 ft to 330 ft (48.77 m to 100 m)
Alarm Thresholds 2.50dB (25%), 3.74dB (35%), 6.02dB (50%) obscuration
Optical Wavelength 880nm
Agency Listings UL, ULC, CE

Ordering Information

P/N Description Ship Wt lb (kg)
EC-50R EC-50R Reflective Beam Smoke Detector c/w test filter and one reflector 2.0 (0.90)
EC-100R EC-100R Reflective Beam Smoke Detector c/w test filter and four reflectors
EC-LLT Ground Level Test Station 1.0 (0.45)
23901- 01 Replacement Reflector for EC-50R/-100R
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