Quotation for Horizontal Water Pump,Masdaf NM Centrifugal Pump

Manufacture: Masdaf
Product code: NM

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Product information

• Main dimensions, compliant with EN 733 (DIN 24255) rating. A total of 48 designed pumps are available in the series.

• Single suction with closed impeller and thrust balanced by counterweight holes and reverse ring, thus achieving dynamic balance.

• Pump and motor with standard connection to common baseplate with flexible coupling. Easy maintenance and repair procedures are made possible as the pump units can be removed with the body intact.

• Using an extension coupling also allows the pump to be removed without moving the motor or body.

• The series has been designed so that parts are easily replaceable and standardized. The entire series is made up of only 6 bearings and 10 shaft types, thus simplifying spare parts procurement


Suction port size DN 50 ... DN 400
Discharge port size DN 32 ... DN 350
Operating pressure 10 bar
Shell pressure 13 bar
Working temperature -25 - 130 ° C
Switch Dia 160 ... 500 mm
Rotation 1000 - 3600 vòng / phút
Flow capacity 5 - 3500 m³ / h
Spray head 4 - 105 m

Application areas

• Water supply station and booster station.

• Process of watering, irrigation and drainage.

• Tank system.

• Circulation of hot and cold water in cooling systems.

• Pump condensate.

• Circulating water in swimming pools.

• Process for pumping industrial and domestic liquids.

• Marine applications

• Fire protection application Standard certification

- Masdaf Centrifugal Pump TSE . Certificate

- Technical Manual NM 60HZ

- Technical Manual NM 50HZ

- NM . Operation Manual

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