YPSP NFPA,Horizontal Axis Fire Pump,Masdaf Twin Shaft Centrifugal Pump

Manufacture: Masdaf
Product code: YPSP NFPA

✅ is a horizontal axis fire pump line ⭐
✅ double suction neck, high flow pumping capacity ⭐
✅ size: DN 80 ... DN 250 , Flow: 50 - 2500 m³ / hour , continuous Contact the support hotline directly: 0917.911.114


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
Product information

Horizontal body pump, integral, radial impeller, double suction pump.

• The back-to-back design of the dual radial propellers eliminates all thrust.

• Suction and discharge flanges are along the same axis.

• Easy assembly feature.

• Double suction pump has the advantage of low NPSH performance.

• Pump and electric motor are connected to the chassis by flexible means. Diesel engine can be used alsa.

• Standard production, the impeller, body and gland wear pads are made of bronze while the housing is in stainless steel


Suction neck size

DN 80 ... DN 250
Exhaust neck size DN 65 ... DN 200
Flow 50 - 2500 m³ / giờ
Pressure head 20 - 180 m
Working pressure 16 - 20
Rotation 1450 - 3600 rpm

Application for

• Hospital

• Office

• Airport

• Factory

• Electric Factory

• Schools

• Drugstore

• Warehouse

Technical document

- Technical Manual YPSP NFPA


Operation Manual



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