YPH, Centrifugal pump, Masdaf vertical shaft pump

Manufacture: Masdaf
Product code: YPH

YPH, Psychological pump, Masdaf vertical pump ⭐
✅ Fire pump, vertical shaft pump ⭐
✅ Genuine Masdaf centrifugal pump ⭐
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Product information

These are vertical single shaft centrifugal pumps.

• Single suction, sealed impeller is dynamically balanced with thrust (axial force) using balance holes and rear ring.

• Pump and motor are connected by adapter using special rigid coupling.

• Easy maintenance and repair is made possible due to the feature that the pump can be removed the plumbing with the remaining body connected to the bed.

• according to NFPA fire standards, no shaft leakage is provided by the soft encapsulated washers.

• Pumps are specially designed for part interchangeability making spare parts acquisition easy and quick.

Thông số kỹ thuật

Suction port size DN 65 - DN 150
Discharge port size DN 40 - DN 100
Flow 34 - 170 m³ / h (150 - 750 gpm)
Head, pressure 30 - 140 m (43 - 199 psi)

Application for

• Hospital

• Office

• Airport

• Factory

• Electric Factory

• Schools

• Drugstore


Provide technical documentation

- Technical Manual YPH

- YPH Operation Manual


• Warehouse

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