Outdoor Rated Horns and Horn-Strobes Genesis WG4 Series

Product code: WG4 Series

Genesis WG4 Series horns and horn-strobe appliances are among the most versatile emergency appliances of their kind ✔️✅ Rated for indoor or outdoor use, they are suitable for a wide range of wet and harsh environments with a listed operating temperature range of as low as -40
°F to as high as 151
°F (-40
°C to 66


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Product information

- Field-configurable light and sound output settings add to their onsite flexibility, while optional FIRE markings make them ideal for fire alarm applications

- These appliances are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, and are ideal for challenging conditions such as parking garages and process areas. They are available for mounting on the ceiling or the wall, and thanks to an ingenious optional full backplane sealing gasket, can be installed to recessed (in-the-pour/block) electrical boxes. WG4 notification appliances also mount to suitable surface boxes. Optional color-matched trim skirts provide a clean, finished appearance. All appliance wiring is accomplished room-side for easy installation

- WG4 Series appliances feature an efficient and powerful piezo sounder. The multi-candela strobes are available with clear lenses in two output categories – standard and high-output. They are precision-timed to meet UL 1971 synchronization standards, and field-configurable for one of four candela intensities. Candela settings are viewable even after installation through an innovative sealed viewport display

Standard Features

• Outdoor and indoor rated

• Low-profile design

• Wall or ceiling mount

• Room-side wiring accepts 18 to 12 AWG (0.75 to 2.5 mm2 )

• Wide operating temperature range

• Field-selectable settings

• Fully-compatible with Genesis synchronization protocols

• Standard and high-output strobe intensities

• Horn only and horn-strobe options



- Genesis horn output reaches as high as 97 dBA in accordance with UL 464 (104 dBA in accordance with ULC-S525) and features a unique frequency tone that results in excellent sound penetration and an unmistakable warning of danger. Horns may be configured for either coded or non-coded notification circuits. They can also be set for low dB output with a jumper cut that reduces horn output by about 5 dB.

-The suggested sound pressure level for each notification zone used with alarm notification appliances is at least 15 dB above the average ambient sound level, or 5 dB above the maximum sound level having a duration of at least 60 seconds, whichever is greater, measured 5 feet (1.5 m) above the floor. The average ambient sound level is A-weighted (fast response) sound pressure measured over a 24-hour period.

- Doubling the distance the notification appliance to the ear will theoretically result in a 6 dB reduction of the received sound pressure level. The actual effect depends on the acoustic properties of materials in the space. A 3 dBA difference represents a barely noticeable change in volume

Strobe Application

- Genesis clear-lensed strobes are UL 1971-listed for use indoors as wall- or ceiling-mounted public-mode notification appliances for the hearing impaired, and UL 1638-listed for outdoor applications. Prevailing codes require strobes to be used where ambient noise conditions exceed specified levels, where occupants use hearing protection, and in areas of public accommodation

- Visible appliance synchronization is required to avoid causing issues with people who have Photosensitive Epilepsy (PSE). Notification appliance synchronization is also generally required when more than two strobe appliances are in the same field of view any one location. All Genesis strobes meet UL synchronization requirements (within 10 milliseconds over a two-hour period) when used with a synchronization source.

Installation and Mounting

Outdoor Rated Horns and Horn-Strobes Genesis WG4 Series

- WG4 notification appliances are rated for outdoor use and are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications on walls or ceilings. For surface-mounting in outdoor or wet applications, appliances must be mounted to a 449 or 74347U electrical box. In dry conditions, they are compatible with standard 4-inch square by 1½-inch deep electrical boxes. When using the optional WG4WTS or WG4RTS trim skirt, a 449 or 4-inch square by 2-1/8" deep box must be used.

- The Genesis WG4 horn and horn-strobe may be wall- or ceilingmounted, and may be placed in one of four positions: strobe above, strobe below, and strobe to either side. The shallow depth of Genesis devices leaves room behind the appliance for extra wiring.


Horns and Horn-strobes

Operating voltage 24 VDC, 24 VFWR nominal
Dimensions (W × H × D) 5.6 × 8.5 × 1.4 in. (142 × 216 × 36 mm)
Horn tone 3.2 kHz
Wire size 12 to 18 AWG (0.75 to 2.50 mm²)
Compatible electrical box



Model 449 or 74347U

4 in. square by 1.5 in. deep box

Operating environment


Relative humidity

-40 to 151°F (-40 to 66°C)

0 to 95% noncondensing

Ordering Information

Outdoor Rated Horns and Horn-Strobes Genesis WG4 Series

Model Housing Marking Strobe Output Ship Wt.
WG4RF-HVMC Red FIRE Selectable standard candela output 1.5 lbs. (0.68 kg)
WG4RF-HVMHC Red FIRE Selectable high candela output
WG4RF-H Red FIRE Horn Only
WG4WF-H White
WG4RN-H Red None
WG4WN-H White


WG4WTS Surface Skirt for Genesis WG4 appliance family, white.
WG4RTS Surface Skirt for Genesis WG4 appliance family, red.
WG4GSKT Full Body Mounting Gasket for smooth surfaces, WG4 appliance family
74347U Surface mount box, outdoor rated, red
449 Surface mount box, outdoor rated, gray



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