NMP,Máy bơm điện Masdaf chính hãng DN 40 - DN 100

Manufacture: Masdaf
Product code: NMP

NMP, Genuine Masdaf electric pump ⭐
✅ horizontal shaft pump line, electric motor ⭐
✅ low noise, high efficiency - low operating cost , Suction port size: DN 40 - DN 100 , Discharge size: DN 32 - DN 80 , contact: 0917.911.114


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
Product information

Pump parts are made of high-strength, high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

• Horizontal or vertical mounting options available.

• Thanks to the pull out, easy access to the impeller and seal without removing the suction and discharge lines.

• Alignment errors are reduced and installation is smooth due to the central outlet at the top and support legs under the housing.

• High operational efficiency - low operating costs

• Noise level has been reduced due to compact design.

• Using high quality bushings and o-rings, ensuring compliance with standard pumping procedures and high temperature and environmental chemicals.

• When only mechanical seal is used in monobloc model, mechanical seal or flexible packing is used in articulated connection model.


Suction port size DN 40 - DN 100
(TS EN 1092 - 2)
Discharge size DN 32 - DN 80
(TS EN 1092 - 2)
Working pressure 10 bar
Environment temperature Up to + 40 0 C
Liquid temperature -20 0 C / +100 0 C

Flow capacity

3 - 200 m 3 / h
Pressure head 10 - 70 m

Areas of application

The NMP series stainless centrifugal pumps have a wide range of applications. This series is used in conveying water and industrial fluids and can be worked over different temperature, flow and pressure ranges. The general areas of applications are as follows.

• Water supply: Filter and transport water, pressurize main channel

• Industrial pressure: wetting and cleaning systems

• Industrial fluid transportation: Textile and dyeing plants, Pharmaceuticals, Foodstuffs, Chemicals, Boilers for water supply, cooling and air-conditioning systems, transportation of acids and alkali based liquids

• Water treatment system, water filter (reverse osmosis), Swimming pool

Technical document - NMP - NMP Operation Manual - NMP Technical Manual


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