Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Digital Display KN-COPP-B-LP

Manufacture: kidde
Product code: KN-COPP-B-LP

✅ Provides peace of mind against the silent killer and a digital display.

✅ Digital Display - Displays the level of carbon monoxide the unit is sensing. The unit updates this reading every 15 seconds.

✅ Peak Level Button - Displays the peak CO level recorded since its last reset or power up.

✅ Battery Operated (3AA's included) -Provides protection during power outage.

✅ Two LEDs

✅ Red – Illuminates when in alarm mode.

✅ Green – DC power is present, normal operation.

✅ Test/Reset Button -Tests CO alarm circuit operation and allows you to immediately silence the alarm.

✅ End of Life Alarm - Alerts user to replace CO alarm after 10-years of operation.

✅ Part Number - 900-0230


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
Product information


The Nighthawk KN-COPP-B-LP battery operated carbon monoxide alarm is an easy to install unit that provides reliable protection against the dangers of carbon monoxide. Digital display feature adds an advanced level of protection showing CO levels in PPM allowing you to see if levels change. Written information and instruction make this unit’s operation easy for anyone to understand. The Nighthawk DC Digital alarm has a small, sleek design that is suitable for all living areas and has a 10-year limited warranty. 10-Year Life: “If your CO alarm was manufactured prior to 2013, it does not have a 10 year life. Consult your User Guide for additional details, or contact us for more information.”

Consumer Benefits

The Nighthawk KN-COPP-B-LP provides you and your family a loud warning signal against the dangers of elevated carbon monoxide levels in your home. The battery operated CO alarm provides continuous monitoring of CO levels, even during power outages when AC-only units are not providing protection. The Nighthawk CO alarm has a 10-year product life, providing 40% longer protection than other CO alarms. The battery operated CO alarm includes multiple mounting options allowing installation on a wall or tabletop.

Based on accuracy claims of major manufacturers

Part Number (Ordering Number): 900-0230


Digital Display – Shows CO level in PPM (parts per million). Updates digital reading every 15 seconds allowing you to see if levels change.

Peak Level Memory – Displays the highest CO concentration measured since the last reset.

Battery Operated (3AA’s included) – Provides protection during power outages.

Battery Lockout System – Deters covering battery compartment without installation of batteries.

Test/Reset Button – Tests the unit for proper operation. Resets the Carbon Monoxide alarm.

10-Year End of Life Warning – Alerts user to replace CO alarm after 10-years of operation (40% longer than other CO alarms).

UL Listed – Lifelong Warranty

Architectural and Engineering Specifications

- The carbon monoxide alarm shall be Kidde Model KN-COPP-B-LP (part number 900-0230) or approved equal. It shall be powered by three (3) AA batteries (included). The temperature operating range shall be between 40°F and 100°F (4°C and 38°C) and the humidity operating range shall be 10% - 95% relative humidity.

- The CO sensor shall be of a fuel cell design and shall meet the sensitivity requirements of Underwriters Laboratories UL2034 Single and Multiple Station Carbon Monoxide Alarms.

- The alarm can be installed on the surface of any wall or table top following the UL/Manufacturer’s recommended placement guidelines. The alarm shall include a battery lockout system that deters closure of battery door without batteries being installed.

- The unit shall incorporate a digital display that meets the sensitivity requirements of UL 2034. The display will identify the levels of CO in parts per million (ppm) once that level reaches 30ppm (i.e.: “abnormal” levels).

- The alarm shall include a test button that will electronically simulate the presence of CO and cause the unit to go alarm. This sequence tests the unit’s electronics to ensure proper operation.

- Per UL 2034 requirements, the CO sensor will not alarm to levels of CO below 30 ppm and will alarm in the following time range when exposed to the corresponding levels of CO.

70 ppm CO concentration 60 – 240 minutes

150 ppm CO concentration 10 – 50 minutes

400 ppm CO concentration 4 – 15 minutes

- The unit shall incorporate 2 LED’s. A green LED will flash once every 30 seconds to indicate the alarm is operating properly when power is present. A red LED will pulse to indicate carbon monoxide has been detected until the device is reset or CO is eliminated.

Technical Specifications

Part Number: 900-0230
Power Source: 3 AA BATTERIES
Sensor: Electrochemical
Audio Alarm: 85dB at 10ft
Temperature Range: 40 ̊F (4.4 ̊C) to 100 ̊F (37.8 ̊C) non-condendsing
Humidity Range: 10%-95% relative humidity (RH)
Size: 3.0” x 5.0” x 1.5”
Weight: . 44 lbs with battery
Interconnects: No
Warranty: 10 year limited

Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Digital Display KN-COPP-B-LP


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