Low Frequency Audible Signals Genesis G4LF Series

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Product code: G4LF

G4LF Series notification appliances provide the benefits of Genesis life safety signals with output suitable for applications requiring low frequency audible tones ✔️
✅ These high-performance appliances generate a crisp 520 Hz tone in the standard 3-3 temporal pattern , An optional setting configures the appliance for continuous audible output — a critical feature for notification appliance circuits that are coded with a CDR-3 coder module. G4LF appliances also feature field-configurable high and low dB output settings.


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Product information

- When connected to compatible control equipment, G4LF Series audible output remains synchronized with all Genesis audible signals on the same Notification Appliance Circuit, including standard 3.2 kHz Genesis audible signals.

- Available G4LF models include audible-only appliances, as well as combination audible-visible signals. Combination appliances feature Genesis FullLight™ strobe technology, which produces a smooth light distribution pattern without the spikes and voids that characterize bulky specular reflectors. This ensures the entire coverage area receives consistent illumination exceeding UL-1971 light distribution requirements. It also results in a slim, low profile device that blends with any decor. Candela output is field configurable.

- When connected to a compatible synchronization source, Genesis appliances synchronize (strobes to UL 1971) to within 10 milliseconds indefinitely without the need for external modules or other equipment. See the Specifications section for a list of synchronization sources.

Standard Features

• Unique low-profile design...

– Compact UL listed audible and audible-visible appliances

– Ultra-slim: protrudes an inch the mounting surface

– Attractive appearance: no visible mounting screws

• Choice of colors and markings...

– White or red housings

– With or without FIRE markings

• Easy to install...

– Room side wiring accepts #18 - #12 AWG (0.75 to 2.5 mm2 )

– Fits standard 4-inch square electrical boxes or standard Gensis EG4B or EG4RB surface-mount boxes

• Easy to configure without removing the device...

– High or low dB output

– Temporal or continuous audible tone

– Temporal or continuous visible output

– 15, 30, 75, or 110 candela intensity

• High performance output...

– Exclusive FullLight™ strobe output distribution pattern

– Meets tough synchronization standards for strobes and audible signals


Genesis G4LF Series appliances are UL 464-listed for low-frequency audible requirements. Models are also available in combination with a UL 1971-listed strobe light for indoor wall-mounted public-mode notification applications. Many codes and regulations now call for low-frequency audible appliances (520 Hz) in newly constructed sleeping rooms and also require strobe lights under some of these circumstances. Consult with your Authority Having Jurisdiction for details.

Combination audible-visible appliances are installed in accordance with guidelines established for visible (strobe) devices.

When used with a compatible synchronization source, all Genesis xenon-based strobes — audible units, and combination appliances — maintain fully synchronization indefinitely. This exceeds the UL synchronization requirements of 10 milliseconds over a two-hour period.


Genesis G4LF Series appliances mount to a standard 4 inch (102 mm) square electrical box using the provided mounting spacer or directly to a Genesis G4 surface mount box.

All Genesis appliances have two tabs at the top of the signal. Unlock the cover to reveal the mounting hardware. The shallow depth of Genesis devices leaves ample room behind the signal for extra wiring. Once installed with the cover in place, no mounting screws are visible.

Low Frequency Audible Signals Genesis G4LF Series


- Genesis G4LF Audible and Visible Signals

Operating voltage 24 VDC or 24 VFWR [1]
Housing Red or white textured UV stabilized, color impregnated engineered plastic
Dimensions Height: 6.5” (165 mm). Width: 5” (127 mm). Depth to wall: 1” (25 mm).
Mounting (indoor wall mount only)

Flush: North-American 4” square box, 2 1/8” (54 mm) deep. Requires supplied spacer.

Surface: model EG4B (white) or EG4RB (red) surface mount box

Synchronization Sources FACPs: VM and VS Series life safety systems, FX Series fire alarm control panels. Moduels: GSA-CC1S, GSA-MCC1S, SIGA-CC2A, GSA-MCC2A, EG1M-RM. Power supplies: MIRBPS6A, MIRBPS10A, APS6A, APS10A.
Wire Size 12 to 18 AWG (0.75 to 2.50 mm²).
Operating environment 32-120° F (0-49° C) ambient temperature; 0-93% relative humidity, noncondensing

Audible Signal

Audible pulse rate Temporal rate with compatible synchronization source: indefinitely within 10 milliseconds.
Temporal audible pattern ½ sec ON, ½ sec OFF, ½ sec ON, ½ sec OFF, ½ sec ON, 1½ sec OFF, then repeat cycle

Visible Signal

Strobe Output Rating UL 1971: selectable 15 cd, 30 cd, 75 cd, or 110 cd output
Strobe Operating Voltage 16 - 33 Vdc Regulated, 16-33 V Full wave rectified (UL Voltage Designations “Regulated 24” and “24 fwr”)
Strobe Flash Rate One flash per second.
Strobe Flash Synchronization One flash per second (fps) within 10 milliseconds over a 2 hour time period on a common circuit. Synchronization source required to comply with UL 1971 synchronization standard. Temporal setting (private mode only): synchronized to temporal output on the same circuit.
Strobe Lens Material Polycarbonate

Ordering Information

Model Housing Marking Audible Signal Visible Signal Ship Wt. lbs (kg)
Fire Alarm Appliances (520 Hz screen printed on housing)
G4LFWN-HVM White None Low Frequency (520 Hz) with selectable High/Low dB output. Selectable 15, 30, 75, or 110 cd. 1.5 lbs. (0.68 kg)
G4LFWN-H White None Audible only
G4LFRN-H Red None


GSA-CC1S Intelligent Synchronization Output Module (2-gang) 0.5 (0.23)
GSA-MCC1S Synchronization Output Module (Plug-in UIO) 0.18 (0.08)
SIGA-CC2A Dual Input Signal Module with Class A Operation (2-gang) 0.5 (0.23)
GSA-MCC2A Dual Input Signal Module with Class A Operation (Plug-in UIO) 0.18 (0.08)
EG4B Surface mount box, white 0.7 (0.32)
EG4RB Surface mount box, red 0.7 (0.32)


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