Local Operator Console VM-LOC

Manufacture: kidde
Product code: VM-LOC

The VM-LOC Local Operator Console ✔️
✅ is an integrated communications unit that provides a point of command and control for Mass Notification/Emergency Communications (MNEC) activites. It comprises a VM-REMICA remote microphone and a GCI graphic annunciator driver module mounted inside a purpose-built cabinet ✔️
✅ The cabinet offers ready to access to the microphones, as well as eight toggle switches that provide input points for iniating digital messages or other control features on the VM network. Each switch has a customizable label card and two LEDs mounted adjacent to it. The label is for to identifying the input point and the LED indicate whether the point is active . The unit also includes a single MNEC actived LED and a Lamp test switch


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Product information

- A single VM network can accommodate up to 30 consoles, which may be mounted as far as 4,000 feet (1,219 m) away the control panel. Live paging is accomplished by means of the integrated microphone, while a series of software-configured switches offer system control features. The unit is monitored by the VM Series control panel via its fully-supervised RS-485 data circuit.

- The integrated microphone module provides a push-to-talk hand-set and status LEDs showing local and remote paging activity, as well as trouble indication. It automatically overrides external audio input such as tone generation, pre-recorded maessages, back-groud music, or telephone paging

Standard Features

• Integrated remote microphone and annunciator driver card

• Eight toggle switches for messaging control

• Dedicated LED message status indicators

• Customizable label cards

• Console status (MNEC Activated) indicator

• Can be installed up to 4,000 feet (1,219 m) away the VM control panel

• Remote microphone activation overrides external audio sources

• All output circuitry is power limited

• May be flush or surface mounted

• Internal terminal block accepts up to 16 AWG wiring

• Integrated Lamp Test function

• Up to 30 VM-LOCs per VM Series control system node

• Supervised RS-485 data circuit

• May be configured for Class A or Class B operation


VM-LOCs should be located to provide response personnel and building occupants ready access to the MNEC system. Consoles should be used to send messages in emergency situations locations in the building other than the VM control panel, which in MNEC terminology, operates as an Autonomous Control Unit (ACU).

Remote Microphone Wiring

Local Operator Console VM-LOC

GCI Specifications

Local Operator Console VM-LOC

Ordering Information

Please order the VM-LOC directly the following authhorized supplie




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