Kidde KA-B2 Quick Convert Adapter KA-B2

Manufacture: kidde
Product code: KA-B2

✅ Helps you to quickly replace First Alert® or BRK® wire-in smoke alarms.

✅ The KA-B2 can only be used when replacing the following models that have a plug in connector and are manufactured before June 1, 2003: First Alert® models: SA4121B BRK® models: 4120, 4919, 5919, 86RAC. The KA-B2 adapter can be used on all AC/DC Kidde smoke and combination alarms. Each adapter includes a 5 year limited warranty.

✅ Previous model: KA-B


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
Product information

The quick convert adapter allows the installation of a new Kidde alarm to an existing competitive wiring harness. This allows for easy installation when replacing the specified smoke alarm brands with a Kidde product. The smoke alarm adapter also allows the specified approved brands and models to be interconnected with other Kidde products.

Kidde KA-B2 Quick Convert Adapter KA-B2

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