Intelligent Duct Smoke Detector Housing GSA-DH

Manufacture: kidde
Product code: GSA-DH

The GSA-DH Duct Smoke Detector Housing ⭐
✅ is specially engineered to exploit all the capabilities of Signature Series intelligent photoelectric and multisensor smoke detectors ⭐
✅ Kidde Signature Series detectors gather analog information each of their one or more sensing elements and converts it digital signals. The detector’s onboard microprocessor measures and analyzes these signals. It compares them to historical readings, time patterns and known characteristics to make an alarm decision. Digital filters and complex Algorithms are applied for optimum detector accuracy. Unwanted alarms are virtually eliminated.


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Product information

- Each duct housing is packaged with detailed installation instructions, gaskets and a self-adhesive drilling template for locating and mounting the detector. The large access door is completely removable to allow fast detector installation and field wiring connections. The 16 gauge steel housing is finished in red baked enamel for easy identification. Five one-gang knockouts on the housing provide a convenient location for mounting intelligent Signature Series modules.

- The GSA-DH Duct Housing comes with a 6 inch (150 mm) exhaust tube. Air sampling tubes are available in lengths 8 inches (200 mm) to 10 feet (3048 mm) and must be ordered separately. Compatible smoke detectors, mounting bases, and accessories are listed in the Ordering Information. Refer to individual device catalog literature pages for more detail.

Standard Features

• Suitable for high air velocity duct applications

- Up to 4000 ft/min. (20.3 m/sec.) with Photoelectric Detector.

• Standard Signature Series detectors

- Designed for use with standard 4D, 3D, and Photoelectric Signature Series smoke detectors. Does not require “special” duct smoke heads.

• Standard, relay, or isolator detector base

- Detector plugs-in to base then easily installs housing.

• Install in ducts up to 10 ft. (3.05 m) wide

• Remote LED and test station accessories

• Designed and manufactured to ISO 9001 standards


Compatible Smoke Detectors GSA-PS GSA-PHS GSA-IPHS
Smoke Sensing Element(s) Photoelectric - Light Scattering Principle Photoelectric - Light Scattering Principle Heat - 135º F (57º C) Fixed Temperature Ionization - Unipolar Photoelectric - Light Scattering Principle Heat - Alarms at 65º F (35º C) change in ambient temperature
Air Velocity Range 300 to 4000 ft/min. (1.5 to 20.3 m/sec) 300 to 1000 ft/min. (1.5 to 5.0 m/sec)
Operating Environment

Temperature: 32 - 120º F (0 to 49º C)

Humidity: 0 to 93% RH, non-condensing

Temperature: 32 - 100º F (0 - 38º C)

Humidity: 0 to 93% RH, non-condensing

Storage Environment Temperature: -4 to 140º F (-20 to 60º C); Humidity: 0 to 93% RH, non-condensing
ULI/ULC Sensitivity Range 0.67% to 3.77% obscuration/foot (305mm) 0.67% to 3.70% obscuration/foot (305mm)
Dimensions 7-3/8 inches (188mm) W x 7 inches (178mm) H x 5 inches (127mm) D
Material and Finish 16 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel, Red - Baked Ename
Conduit Knockouts Combination 1/2 inch & 3/4 inch
Agency Approvals UL, ULC, MEA, CSFM
User Selected Sensitivity Settings Least Sensitive: 3.5%; Less Sensitive: 3.0%; Normal: 2.5%; More Sensitive: 2.0%; Most Sensitive: 1.0%
Pre-alarm Sensitivity 5 % increments, allowing up to 20 pre-alarm settings
Electrical, Physical Characteristics Refer to individual detector catalog sheets
Compatible Mounting Bases GSA-SB Standard Base, GSA-RB Relay Base, GSA-IB Isolator Base
Compatible Remote LED GSA-LED (LED flashes when in alarm)
Controller Compatibility SIGNATURE Loop Controller
Addressing Restrictions Uses one Input Device Address

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Description Ship Wt lb. (kg)
GSA-DH Duct Detector Housing 6.5 (3.0)


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