Infrared ultraviolet combination flame detector non-explosion-proof CS-UIN-C100

Manufacture: CSA
Product code: CS-UIN-C100

Main Features:Explosion-proof smoke detector, durable, all-weather, genuine supply, 12 months warranty


Consulting hotline: 0944934114
Product information

Main Features

- Perfect fire detection performance using highly reliable UV and IR sensors

- Accurate fire identification through various fire source tests

- Strong immunity to electromagnetic waves (EMI, EMC)

- Acquired high reliability through certification - CE, KC, KFI certification

- Easy installation with integrated lead wire detector

- Compact type for easy installation in narrow spaces - Wooden cultural assets, indoor gymnasium, parking tower, semiconductor equipment, various facilities, etc.

- Integrated monitoring function (Option) - Real-time monitoring of product status through RS-485 communication

- Fastening structure for easy installation of Sun Shield and equipment

Model CS-UIN-C100 Non-explosion-proof
Dimensions 75mm×58mm cylindrical (excluding bracket and cable gland)
Body weight 450g (without bracket and cable gland)
Sensing distance / viewing angle 30m / 100°
Texture AL 6061
Operating temperature range -20°C∼+50°C
Rated voltage DC 24V ± 20%
Current consumption Standby: 14[mA] ±10%, in operation: 25[mA] ±10%
LED COLOR Power: Green LED, Fire: Red LED, Power failure: Blue LED

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