Gas Detector DB100

Product code: DB100

The DB100 is a "SMART" gas detector designed to detect and monitor toxic (CO, H2S, HCI, etc.), oxygen, and VOC gases in the air by applying electrochemical, galvanic, and PID sensors.


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Product information

The DB100 is an intelligent electronic device that applies Rezontech's unique algorithm. It has a user interface and a comprehensive fault diagnosis function. In addition, the transmitter design is characterized by applying Rezontech's advanced technology suitable for electrochemical, galvanic, and PID sensors.

When assembling the sensor that detects gas, stainless steel was applied. The transmitter housing is coated with epoxy on aluminum to prevent corrosion and designed with a pressure-resistant explosion-proof structure.

Highlights Gas Detector DB100

• Explosion-proof construction for internal pressure can be installed in high-risk gas leakage areas

• Continuous detection of oxygen and toxic gases by applying excellent sensors

• Self-diagnosis function and various algorithms secure stability and reliability

• Measured concentrations and operation status are indicated on the LCD or OLED display

• 2 gas alarms, 1 fault displayed and relay contact output

Remote calibration and program settings are available using the Magnet-bar

• Multiple output options, analog 4-20mA and digital communication signal RS-485, Modbus Compatible

• Convenient structure for calibration and maintenance

Specification Gas Detector DB100

Gas Detector DB100

• Explosion proof class : Ex d IIC T6, T4 (KCs)

                       Ex db IIC T6/T4 Gb (KCs)

                   Ex tb IIIC T85℃/T135℃ Db (IECEx)

                   Ex db IIC T6/T4 Gb (ATEX)

• Water and dust tight : IP66

• Output signal

- Analog Output Signal : 4-20mA DC(sink or source),

          Conductor-loop resistance : 600 ohm max. @ 24V DC 

- Digital Output Signal(Option)  : RS-485 MODBUS RTU

- Relay(Option)  : Alarm1, Alarm2, Fault (3A @ 30V DC , SPDT)

Mechanical  Gas Detector DB100

• Material : Housing /ALDC(Epoxy coating),Sensor: SUS316

• Weight : Approx.1.80㎏

• Dimension : 150(W) × 173(H) × 112(D)mm

 Electrical Gas Detector DB100

Gas Detector DB100

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