Gas Detector DA100

Manufacture: Rezonetech
Product code: DA100

The DA100 is a "SMART" gas detector designed to detect and monitor flammable gases in the air in the range of 0-100% LEL using Catalyst Cell technology. The DA100 is an intelligent electronic device that applies Rezontech's  unique algorithm and has a user interface and comprehensive fault  diagnosis capabilities.


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Product information


• Explosion-proof construction for internal pressure can be installed in high-risk gas leakage areas

• Continuous detection of combustible gases low up to high concentrations by applying a high sensitivity sensor

• Self-diagnosis function and various algorithms secure stability and reliability

• Measured concentrations and operation status are indicated on the LCD or OLED display 

• 2 gas alarms, 1 fault displayed and relay contact output

• Remote calibration and program settings are available using the Magnet-bar

• Multiple output options, analog 4-20mA and digital communication signal RS-485, Modbus Compatible

• Convenient structure for calibration and maintenance


 [ Basic Information ] 

• Measuring gas : Combustible gases 

                 (CH4, H2, C4H10, LNG, LPG & etc.)

• Measuring type : Diffusion type

• Measuring sensor : Contact Combustion Formula

• Measuring range : 0 - 100% LEL

• Operating temperature : T6 = -40 to 60℃, 

                            T4= -40 to 80℃

• Operating humidity : 0 ~ 95%

• Explosion proof class: Ex d IIC T6, T4 (KCs)

                   Ex db IIC T6/T4 Gb (KCs)

                   Ex tb IIIC T85℃/T135℃ Db (IECEx)

                   Ex db IIC T6/T4 Gb (ATEX)

• Water and dust tight : IP66

• Output signal

 - Analog Output Signal : 4-20mA DC(sink or source),           

  Conductor-loop resistance : 600 ohm max. @ 24V DC

 - Digital Output Signal(Option) : RS-485 MODBUS RTU

 - Relay(Option) : Alarm1, Alarm2, Fault (3A @ 30V DC , SPDT)

[ Mechanical ]

• Material : Housing /ALDC(Epoxy coating), 

             Sensor : SUS316

• Weight : Approx. 1.75㎏

• Dimension : 150(W) × 173(H) × 112(D)mm

[ Electrical  ]

• Operating power : 24V DC (18 to 31V DC)

• Power consumption : 2.4W @ 24V DC 

                        Max. : 3W @ 24V DC

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