Horn Siren Combination 5520D Series 5520D-AW

Manufacture: kidde
Product code: 5520D-AW

5520D series Duotronic ✔️
✅signals are 24 Vdc diode-polarized, heavy duty, high-decibel signaling appliances for use in fire alarm applications where a supervised signal is required. Colored sage gray, 5520D Series signals will finction as either a horn or siren by setting an internal tamper-proof switch.


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Product information

- The 5520D Horn/Siren has no moving parts or contacts to wear out. It requires no maintenance or lubrication. The horn/siren operates with very low current consumption and does not require extra current on start-up. The horn’s predominant frequency is 1.1 KHz. When horn output is selected, the frequency rises and falls 300 to 3000 Hz every 3 seconds.

- Once mounted, the horn/siren switch is tamperproof. The horn is suitable for coded applications, while the siren is not. The 5520D Series can be made suitable for outdoor weatherproof applications by adding the catalog number 349 Backbox.

Standard Features

• No moving parts

• High dB output

• Suitable for coded signals (horn mode only)

• Swivel/adjustable mounting

• Outdoor/weatherproof option

• Diode polarized

• Low current draw, no inrush current

• Mounts to one-gang opening


5520D signals signals are ideal for indoor or outdoor applications including schools, factories, commercial occupancies, and lumber yards. They can be used where standard bells or horns are not satisfactory, particularly in areas of high noise level. The unit will function as a Horn or Siren with just the flick of a switch.


5520D Series signals include a universal mounting plate that permits mounting to a standard single gang, 3¼, 3½, or 4-inch octagon outlet box, or a 4-inch square box. It may also be installed without a box directly to the wall or ceiling. The megaphone may be swivelled through 180° horizontally and 90° vertically. All wiring is made to colour-coded wire leads attached to a quick-disconnect plug. When complete, the device just plugs-in and is locked to the mounting plate with a set screw. For weatherproof installations, use a Cat. No. 349 back box, ordered separately

Horn/Siren Combination 5520D Series (5520D-AW)


Horn/Siren Combination 5520D Series (5520D-AW)


Nominal Operating Voltage 20 - 24 Vdc
Current Draw 350 mA
Sound Pressure Output Horn – 114 dBA at 10 ft (3m); Siren – 112 dBA at 10 ft (3m)
Horn Characteristic Predominant 1.1 KHz (Suitable for coded signals)
Siren Characteristic Rises and falls 600 to 1300 Hz every three seconds (Not suitable for coded signals)
Wiring Connections Color-coded wire leads with quick-disconnect plug
Finish Metallic gray enamel
Approvals UL, ULC, FM

Ordering Information

Cat. No. Description Ship Wt.
5520D-AW Horn/Siren Combination - 24 Vdc 25 lb (11.5kg)
349 Weatherproof Backbox 0.5lb (0.2kg)


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