Hazardous Location Horns 888D-N5

Manufacture: kidde
Product code: 888D-N5

889D ⭐
✅ hazardous location horns are diode-polarized, heavy duty, high decibel vibrating horns intended for use in life safety systems in hazardous (classified) locations. These horns may be mounted to any solid surface using two bolts (by others).


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Product information

- Each unit is supplied with a sealing fitting for ¾-inch -14 National Pipe Taper (NPT) nipple, and wire leads for the electrical connection to the life safety system notification appliance circuit.

Standard Features

• Diode polarized

• Corrosion resistant heat flowed epoxy finish – red

• Low current draw


888D  hazardous location horns are UL-listed for installation in the following classified locations:

• Class I, Division 1 and 2, Groups B, C, and D

• Class II, Division 1 and 2, Groups E, F, and G

• Class III hazardous locations, for Div. 1 and 2


Hazardous Location Horns 888D-N5


Catalog Number 888D-N5 74339U
Rated Voltage 120 Vac 24 Vac
Alarm Current 0.13A 0.16A
Sound output 100 dBA measured in an anechoic chamber on an “A” weighted decibel scale at 10 ft (3m)

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Description Ship Wt
888D-N5 Hazardous location horn – 120 Vac 9.0 lb. (4.1 kg.)
74339U Hazardous location – 24 Vdc


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