GSA-UIO6 Universal Input Output Module Board — 6 Module Positions

Product code: GSA-UIO6

Signature Series Universal Input-Output Module Motherboards provide mounting and wiring terminations for up to six Signature Series plug-in UIO (GSA-“M” series) modules ✔️
✅ UIO motherboards slide a rigid extruded track (included) with mounting pads for convenient mounting a variety of equipment enclosures. UIO modules plug the board and are held securely in place with captive machine screws ✔️
✅ All field wiring connects to terminal blocks on the motherboard, which permits rapid removal and replacement of modules for troubleshooting.


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Product information

The GSA-UIO6 provides mounting and wiring terminnations for up to six UIO modules. Thí motherboard provides two riser inputs that are common to all modules.

Universal Input/Output Module Motherboards GSA-UIO6R

Standard Features

• Modular flexibility : Wide assortment of multi-function plug-in modules provides total flexibility.

• Minimum wiring requirements: Integral jumpers between modules allow sharing of risers to reduce installation wiring.

• Easy installation : # 12 AWG (2.5 mm2) terminal blockand and sturdy mounting pads ensure quick installation Kidde enclosures.

• Supports automatic device mapping all compatible UIO modules transmit information to the controller loop regarding their circuit position relative to devices with signatures on the loop.

• Supporting intelligent devices : On-board modules make decisions and input an alarm initiating devices connected to them even if the loop controller's polling interrogation stops.

• Twisted or shielded wire not required :  Because all decisions are made at the on-board modules, lower communication speeds are possible. This results in significantly improved control response time and less sensitivity to line noise and loop wiring properties..

• Supports electronic addressing: Programmable addresses are downloaded to a compatible UIO module a loop controller, PC or SIGA-PRO signature program/service tool. There are no switches or dials to set

Mounting and Installation

Mount the UIO motherboard inside an MFC-A cabinet or other suitable electrical enclosure with screws and washers are provided. Each MFC-A will hold one UIO2R motherboard or one UIO6 Motherboard or one UIO6R or UIO6 Motherboard complete with their full complement of modules.

Plug the Signature series UIO module any available position on the motherboard and Secure the module to the motherboard with captive screws. Wiring connections are made to the nals on the motherboard (see wiring diagram). UIO Motherboard terminals are suitable for #12 to #18 AWG (2.5 mm2 to 0.75 mm2) wire sizes.

Kidde recommends that all boards and modules be installed ac-cording to latest recoginzed edition of national and local fire alarm codes.

Universal Input/Output Module Motherboards GSA-UIO6R

Universal Input/Output Module Motherboards GSA-UIO6R

Universal Input/Output Module Motherboards GSA-UIO6R





Catalogue Number GSA-UIO2R GSA-UIO6R GSA-UIO6
Module Capacity Two Six Six
Dimensions (with module installed)

5.4 inch L (across mounting feet) x 4.3

inch W x 3.2 inch H

9.56 inch L (across mounting feet) x 4.3 inch W x 3.2 inch H
Address Requirements no address requiried
Type code none
Compatible Modules All GSA-Mxxx Signature Series
Operating Voltage 15.2 to 19.95 Vdc (19 Vdc nominal
Mounting (cabinets) Directly suitable enclosures (e.g: MFC-A) - Notes 1,2,3.
Wiring Terminals #12 AWG (2.5mm2) to #18 AWG (0.75mm2)
Storage and Operating Environment

Operating Temperature : 32o F to 120o F (0o C to 49o C)

Storage Temperature : -4o F to 140o F (-20oC to 60oC)

Operating and Storage Humidity : 0 to 93% RH

Agency Listing UL, ULC, MEA, CSFM

Ordering ìnomation

Cataloge Number Description Ship Wt-ib (kg0
GSA-UIO2R Universal input-Output module board w/Riser Inputs - Two Module Positions 0.32 (0.15)
GSA-UIO6R Universal input-Output module board w/Riser Inputs - Six Module Positions 0.62 (0.28)
GSA-UIO6 Universal input-Output module board w/Riser Inputs - Six Module Positions 0.56 (0.25)
MFC-A UL listed cabinet for mounting UIO motherboards, red with white "FIRE'' 8 inch H x 14 inch W x 3.5 inch D (203 mmH x 356 mm W x 89 mm D) 7.0 (3.1)

Related Equipment


- MFC-A : Multi-function Cabinet (for UIO and Releasing modules)

- 27193-11 : Surface Mount Box - Red, One-gang

- 27193-16 : Surface Mount Box - White, One-gang

- 27193-21 : Surface Mount Box - Red, Two-gang

- 27193-26 : Surface Mount Box - White, Two-gang

- 235196P : Bi-polar Transient Protector (needed on modules with electromechanical devices)

- GSA-MP1 : Module Mounting Plate, 1 footprint

- GSA-MP2 : Module Mounting Plate, 1/2 footprint

- GSA-MP2L : Module Mounting Plate, 1/2 extended footprin


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