Genuine Eaton EFBWCV-REPEATER BiWire passive 8-zone fire alarm cabinet

Manufacture: Eaton Cooper

BiWire consoles and conventional repeaters are compatible with Eaton BiWire Flexi consoles and 8 conventional panel zones
✅ Repeater panels can be daisy-chained with up to 3 panels per panel and can repeat information any area of the board to which it is cabled ,With the built-in power supply, the only wiring required for the repeater control panel is the power input to the power supply and data cable between the fire control panel and each repeater board.


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Product information


Input voltage range 18,75-30,7V
Maximum current drawn battery 2,7A
Repeater port (use of this port is outside the scope of EN54) Type:
RS485 button : Up to 3 repeaters and fire board
Operating temperature -5 ° C to + 40 ° C
Relative humidity 93% +/- 3% non-condensing
IP layer protection IP30
Weight (battery not included) 2,25kg
Structor PC ABS front and rear
Cable entry Drilling position 29 x 20mm - Rear cable slot Type of 2-core 1.5mm cable, screened fireproof cable, 500m (Maximum per zone)
Standard BS5839-pt1

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