Genesis Strobe ExpanderG4E Series

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Product code: G4E Strobe Expander

Kidde's Genesis G4E Strobe Expander ✔️
✅offers both Mass Notification/Emergency Communication (MNEC) and Life Safety System notification capabilities without all the wall clutter of separate, or larger appliances ✔️
✅ The ingenious patent-pending G4E Strobe Expander accomplishes this by providing a separate, independently-controlled strobe that fits readily behind a Genesis G4 Series speaker or speaker-strobe.


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Product information

- This attractive low-profile design allows a single, compact assembly to house three vital notification elements: a clear multi-candela strobe that serves life safety requirements; a colored multi-candela strobe that serves MNEC needs; and, a highly intelligible multi-tap, multi-purpose loudspeaker.

- The UL Listed G4E Strobe Expander offers all the advanced features found in the popular Genesis line of notification appliances, including Fulllight™ strobe technology, as well as synchronization capabilities that exceed UL 1971 requirements. G4E Strobe Expanders are 100 per cent compatible with other Genesis and Enhanced Integrity appliances on the same circuit.

- The G4E Series packs two independent strobes and a loudspeaker one sleek, low-profile design that is actually slimmer than many other single-strobe units on the market today. Functionally and aesthetically, the G4E Strobe Expander continues the Genesis tradition of excellence, quality and value. Patent Pending Genesis Strobe Expander G4E Series

Standard Features

• Sleek design

- Patent pending design allows the installation of two independent strobes and a speaker in a single compact footprint

• Fewer parts to stock

- Uses standard G4 Speaker-strobes

• Field configurable convenience

- Adjustable settings remain visible even after the unit is installed

• Meets UL 1971 synchronization requirements

• Highly regulated in-rush current

- Allows the maximum number of strobes on a circuit

• No extension ring or trim plate needed

- Fits standard 4-inch square electrical boxes with plenty of room behind the signal for wiring

• Optional surface-mount back box

- Features high and low rear mounting hole patterns and knock-outs for easy retrofit applications


- The patent pending G4E is ideal for new and retrofit applications where both fire alarm and mass notification signaling is required. By allowing a speaker and two independent strobes to be installed in a single compact footprint, the G4E cuts down on wall clutter and reduces the number of boxes that have to be installed. This not only speeds installation and reduces costs – it also makes for a neat installation that minimizes the impact on the interior design of the protected space

- For surface-mount and/or retrofit applications, the optional G4EWB (white) or G4ERB (red) backbox can be used. This box has ½" and ¾" knockouts, and a unique rear hole arrangement that allows for mounting over a 4" square box that is installed at 82" or 84" above finished floor (AFF), yet keeps the lower strobe light at 80" AFF. The backbox can also be mounted directly to a solid surface and accept wiring through the top or side knockouts

- The G4E Strobe Expander features field-selectable strobe outputs. The selection remains visible even after installation, making it easy to verify that the strobe output is suitable for the application  and in line with the output setting of its companion G4 Speaker-strobe.

- Available with red or white housings, as well as clear or amber lenses, and optional “FIRE” or “ALERT” markings, there is a G4E model to suit any application. For added flexibility, a simple jumper cut changes the flash rate the standard one flash per second for public mode signaling, to a 3-3-3 temporal rate for private mode applications

- Prevailing codes require strobes to be used where ambient noise conditions exceed specified levels, where occupants use hearing protection, and in areas of public accommodation. Consult your Authority Having Jurisdiction for details.

- All Genesis strobes, including the G4E, exceed UL synchronization requirements (within 10 milliseconds over a two-hour period) when used with a compatible synchronization source. See the Specifications section for details.


Genesis Strobe ExpanderG4E Series

Installation and Mounting

Genesis G4E Expanders are intended for indoor wall mounted applications only. They can be flush mounted to a recessed North American 4” square electrical box (minimum 1.5” deep). Units may also be surface mounted using the optional G4EWB (white) or G4ERB (red) backboxes. Refer to installation sheet for mounting height details As always, check and comply with applicable codes and regulations.

Genesis Strobe ExpanderG4E Series


Genesis Strobe ExpanderG4E Series

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Genesis Strobe ExpanderG4E Series

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