Gasonline Fire Pump Tohatsu V20 D2S3

Manufacture: TOHATSU
Product code: Tohatsu V20 D2S

Gasonline Fire Pump Tohatsu V20 D2S,origin Japan, accesories are full and packed in wooden bales


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Product information


Manufacturer Tohatsu - Japan
Engine type  V20 D2S
Engine kind Gasoline
Capacity engine  8.6kw
Capacity pump  
Flow m3/h 42-24
Pessure Column 40-50



Máy bơm chứa xăng Tohatsu V20 D2s

Function featurers of Gasoline Fire Pump Tohatsu V20 D2S

1. Gasoline Fire Pump Tohatsu V20 D2S with light weight and compact nhẹ và nhỏ gọn

Engine and pump are made of aluminum alloy to reduce weight and extend life. Pumps can be carried on the back of a firefighter for limited distances when properly fitted a backpack. When attached to a truck, the compact design allows more space for changing to other fire equipment. It is suitable for forest fire.

2. Gasoline Fire Pump Tohatsu V20 D2S have high efficiency:

Both motors and pumps are specially designed for TOHATSU fire pumps guaranteed by high performance pumps for the class.

3. Caburetor:  

The Tohatsu V20 D2s gasoline pump features a unique TOHATSU automatic carburetor. In this model, the engine can start more easily under all seasonal conditions. A valve of a slide induction device is fitted to the quick drainage of fuel in the carburetor.

4. Tohatsu V20 D2s gasoline pump is a vacuum pump:

The Tohatsu wing vacuum pump can assure you of quick priming of the water in case of an emergency.

5.0 seconds. At 1m suction height

6.0 seconds. At 3m suction height

10.0 seconds. At 6m height suck

5. Centralized control:

The pump contains gasoline Tohatsu V20 D2s pressure and vacuum gauges, dial stations and switches are grouped on the control panel.

6. Fuel tank made of stainless steel:

Stainless steel fuel tanks can hold fuel to prevent pollution being corrode.

7. Unloading port 90 degrees

The exhaust port can be freely rotated through 90 degrees allowing the direction of the distribution tube to easily change without moving the pump unit.

8. Boot system:

The pump contains gasoline Tohatsu V20 D2s in addition to electric motors, a startup jerk is installed to ensure starting under any condition (V20D2S). Load pull of starter reduces engine emissions by passage.

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