Gasoline Fire Pump Tohhatsu VC82 ASE1

Manufacture: TOHATSU
Product code: Tohatsu VC82 ASE

Tohatsu VC82 ASE gasoline engine pump with very high performance and efficiency to cure big fires. The ability to completely extinguish a large flame does not affect property and people.


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Product information
Manufacturer  Tohatsu - Japan
Kind of engine VC82 ASE
Type of enine Gasoline 
Engine power 40.5kw
Capacity of the pump  
Flow m3/h 90-123
Pressure column 60-100


Pump head  

1. Stucture of Gasoline fire pump Tohatsu VC82ASE :

Includes: Central controller, water circulation cooler, unique auto choke carburetor, superheat motor protection and high capacity fuel tank.


máy bơm chữa cháy xăng Tohatsu VC82ASE

2. The working principle:

– Central controller

There are gauges, switchgear switches and other warning lights grouped on the panel for the operation of the pump is easy, convenient.

Water circulating cooling system: 

This is a system that helps cool the pump's circulating outside of the pump to cool the pump.

- Unique automatic choke carburetor:

This makes the engine easier to handle under all seasonal conditions.

- Sensor motor overheat protection:

Helps overheat protection be provided on the model to protect water cooled engines, protecting the engine when water is not rinsing. When the temperature reaches 80ºC, the sensor automatically switches off and the mode is reset after the over-temperature sensor stops the engine.

- Large capacity fuel tank:

The VC82ASE pumps have a large fuel tank of about 18 liters, to ensure fuel supply will pull in during a full power operation.

Electric startup and startup:

To ensure that the pump can be started at any time, both starter wings are integrated on the VC82ASE.

3. Manual Instruction:

Points to note are: Vacuum clocks, full throttle clocks, switch on, vacuum pump lever, lamp plug and charger, auxiliary fuel pump, Battery dynamometer, speed controller, hand-starter, manual starter.

Noted when used:

- Being pumped we must not pull the vacuum pump needle down. Because it would be very easy to break the vacuum pump.

- Gasoline pump is not used when the gasoline down to normal. That is why it is easy to get gas. We only use the case when the gas hose is down.

- Carefully check the oil in the oil box

- Excess water must be drained after running the machine and the water pipe must be locked and the fuel tank locked when not in use

- Water level in the tank should be checked regularly to the prescribed level.

- Prepare the fuel proportion before filling the tank.

- Check the machine weekly every week by checking the machine.

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