Gasoline Fire Pump V50BS1

Manufacture: TOHATSU
Product code: Tohatsu V50BS

V50BS gasoline engine fire pumps are used in fire protection systems in warehouses, industrial parks, skyscraper , etc. These are gasoline pumps used in conjunction with gasoline engines. Electric pumps such as Pentax fire pumps in fire suppression systems.


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Product information
Manufacturer Tohatsu - Japan
Kind of engine V50BS
Type of engine Gasoline
Engine power 23.5kw
Capacity of pump  
Flow m3/h 30-66
Pressure column 70-80


Pump head  

1. Technical specifications of Gasoline Fire Pumps V50BS

  • Dimension D x R x C (mm) : 739 x 663 x 754
  • Weight : 98kg
  • Pump type: Gasoline engine cooling
  • Type of pump : Gasoline engine cooled
  • Cylinder capacity : 746cc
  • Maximum power: : 30kW
  • Fuel Consumption : 20l/h
  • Ignition system:  CD ignition and Mangeto flywheel
  • Engine fuel: 30/1 viscosity petrol
  • System Boot: Start threads and hands
  • Lighting :  12V – 35W
  • Type: single stage suction turbine pump, high pressure
  • Coupling outlet: JIS-B-9912 standard
  • Maximum Flow: 108 m3/h
  • Maximum lift : 13 kg/cm2
  • Maximum suction height: 9m

Máy bơm chữa cháy động cơ xăng V50BS

2. Advantages of the V50BS gasoline pump

V50BS imported gasoline engine fire pump - V50BS - Gasoline engine with 2 stages, 2 cylinders with single suction turbine pump, 1 stage, high pressure
Tohatsu V50bs fire-fighting pump is easy to move.
Tohatsu V50bs Fire Extinguishers- Manufactured under Japanese advanced technology, suitable for hotel,
3. Application of V50BS gasoline pump:

The V50BS gasoline fire pump series is used in fire protection systems in warehouses, industrial parks, and high-rise buildings. These are the products of gasoline pumps used. Along with electric pumps such as Pentax fire pumps in fire suppression systems.
Because the fuel used is gasoline, this product is very mobile and should be used on fire trucks of fire fighters.

4. Instructions for using the V50BS gasoline fire pump

Check before the engine explodes:

- Press the start button on the battery or hand, start by hand.

After the engine adjusts the accelerator by pressing down and rotating it clockwise to speed up a little, then stop pushing the vacuum pump lever (4) to check the vacuum pump. If the pump is self-priming, there is water out in the tube, check under the tripod on the and then pull the vacuum pump to the upper position.

- Increase the gauge until the clock gauge of the water pressure of the meter (1) reaches the required value of 5 AT, then adjust and open the water tank head full to start spraying.

Stand machine:

- Before turning off the machine must reduce the ga to the original position and then turn the switch to the left.

5. Notes on using the V50BS gasoline  fire pump

- While pumping water, do not pull the vacuum pump down due to the possibility of vacuum pump failure.

- Careful inspection of oil in the oil box. Vacuum pump, lubricant is used as lubricant 40

- Regularly check the water level in the battery to the specified level.

- Mix 1 liter of lubricant plus 30 liters of gasoline before pouring the tank.

- Periodically check the condition of the machine once a week.

+ In case the machine does not explode: usually petrol

Step 1: Gasoline lock _-> Step 2: Open the spark plug -> Step 3: Remove the gasoline -> Step 4: Plug the spark plug back to normal.

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