Gasoline Fire Pump V46BS1

Manufacture: TOHATSU
Product code: Tohatsu V46BS

The V46BS gasoline engine fire pump with engine and housing is made of lightweight, high strength aluminum alloy. Compact and easy to move with just one person. Widely used in forest fire fighting.


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Product information
Manufacturer  Tohatsu - Japan
Kind of engine V46BS
Type of engine Gasoline
Enine power 33kw
Capacity of pump  
Flow m3/h 24-90
Pressure column 60-80


Head pumps  

1. Technical specifications:

  • Dimension  (mm) :685 x 605 x 754
  • Weight  : 87kg
  • Pump type: Gasoline engine cooling
  • Cylinder capacity: 454cc
  • Maximum power : 33.1KW
  • Fuel Consumption : 13l/h
  • Ignition system:  CD ignition and Mangeto flywheel
  • Engine fuel: 30/1 viscosity petrol
  • System Boot: Start threads and hands
  • Lighting  :  12V – 35W
  • Control lights 12V – 3.4W
  • Battery capacity 12V – 26Ah
  • Type: single stage suction turbine pump, high pressure
  • Coupling outlet: JIS-B-9912 standard
  • Flow maximum : 887m3/h
  • Maximum lift  : 12kg/cm
  • Maximum height: 50-80m
  • Original:Japan

Máy bơm chữa cháy động cơ xăng V46BS

2. Set point of V46BS gasoline fire pump

The engine and housing are made of anti-corrosion aluminum alloy with light weight and high durability. Compact and easy to move with just one person. Widely used in forest fire fighting.
The engine and pump are specially designed and developed by the Tohatsu fire pump to ensure maximum performance.
Equipped with advanced carburetor, sensitivity to four seasons of the year. Equipped with automatic valves in the carburetor for quick drainage.
With this type of vacuum pump, it ensures water priming in emergency conditions.
At a suction height of 1m, the time is 5.0 seconds.

At 3m the suction height is 6.0 seconds

At a suction height of 3 meters, the time is 10 seconds

Pressure and vacuum gauges, gauge knobs, and other keys are located at the control panel.
The fuel tank is made of stainless steel, corrosion resistant and environmentally friendly.
The exhaust port can rotate 90 degrees to direct the output without moving the pump.
Starting system: electrics and hand pull.
3. Notes on using the V46BS gasoline fire pump:

- While pumping water, do not pull the vacuum pump down due to the possibility of vacuum pump failure.

- Do not use auxiliary gas pump when the gasoline down to normal because it is easy to make the machine is petrol, only used when the gas hose to the child.

- Care should be taken to check the oil in the oil tank (Vacuum pump, lubricant used as lubricant 40)

- Lock the pump water outlet immediately after exhausting excess water after each run.

- Lock the petrol tank when the machine does not work.

- Regularly check the water level in the battery to the specified level.

- Mix 1 liter of lubricant plus 30 liters of gasoline before pouring the tank.

- Periodically check the condition of the machine once a week.

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