Centrifugal pump Nm mDrive

Manufacture: Masdaf
Product code: Nm mDrive

Horizontal electric pump for fire fighting
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Product information

The NM m-Drive series pumps are single-stage, end-suction, sealless pumps with magnetic coupling.

• A single, sealed propeller with hydraulic compensation and dynamic balance.

• Main dimensions according to EN 733.

• Pump and motor are connected together on base plate using magnetic coupling.

• The pump can be dismantled without removing the pump housing, so assembling and assembling operations can be carried out easily.

• Process fluid-lubricated silicon carbide plain bearings are used in the NM m-Drive series pumps. Product Description

• Thanks to the magnetic couplings used in the NM m-Drive series pumps, there are no leaks. The outer magnetic rotor is rotated by the motor shaft, and the inner magnetic rotor is rotated synchronously with the outer magnetic rotor by magnetic force without any physical contact. The inside of the pump is isolated the medium by a casing and no leakage is guaranteed.


Suction port size DN 50 ... DN 100
Discharge port size DN 32 ... DN 80
Operating pressure 10 bar
Shell pressure 14 bar
Working temperature Lên đến 300 ° C
Disc switch size 120-218 mm
Rotation 1000 - 2900 vòng / phút
Flow 10 - 200 m³ / h

Pressure head

4 - 65 m
Maximum capacity 18,5 kw

Application areas Transfer corrosive, explosive, flammable, toxic, valuable, volatile and hot liquids.

• Chemical and petrochemical industry

• Detergents are called hazardous liquids in food establishments

• Hazardous gas cleaning system

• Biodiesel facility

• Heating and cooling systems

• Solar power station

• Medical industry

• Electrostatic application of powder coating

• Carbon arc furnace cooling system

Technical document

- Technical Manual Nm mDrive

- Operation Manual NM mDrive

- NM mDrive 1450

- Nm mDrive 2900

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