Fire Alarm Audio Notification System ANS2 Series

Manufacture: kidde
Product code: ANS2 Series

The ANS series ✔️
✅ of products is a collection of high-performance audio notification systems that provide voice evacuation capability which meets the emergency voice alarm requirements of NFPA 72 for UL listed fire alarm applications ✔️
✅ ANS panels are available in 25, 50, or 100 Watt models and include a microphone, amplifier, tone generator, digital message repeater (DMR), and supervisory interface.


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Product information

- These self-contained systems offer robust field-configurable features and are supported by a wide range of accessory equipment that provides application flexibility and reliable performance for new and retrofit installations alike

- Expander panels and modules extend the range of the ANS system to meet the needs of demanding audio applications. Accessory equipment such as zone switchers and remote microphones offer the sophistication of high-end systems for a relatively low cost.

- ANS systems are ideal for use with Kidde fire alarm control panels when emergency voice alarm service is required. Genesis speakers and speaker-strobes may be used with ANS audio systems to provide a clean and attractive appearance for voice audio applications.

Standard Features

• Meets NFPA 72 Emergency Voice Alarm requirements

• Easy to use custom configuration software

• Clean dead-front construction

• Integrated field recordable digital message player

• Twenty minute message capacity

• 25, 50, or 100 Watt models available

• Field selectable for either 25 or 70 Vrms speakers

• 120 VAC power supply and battery charger included

• Paging microphone overrides message and tone

• ANS25 and ANS100 systems are 520Hz compliant

• High reliability, low maintenance

• Fully supervised, UL listed

• Easy installation, operation, and configuration

• Built-in alarm and alert signals

• 24-hour backup capability

Typical Wiring

Fire Alarm Audio Notification System


Model ANS25 ANS50 ANS100
Output power 25 W 50 W 100 W
Output voltage 25 or 70 Vrms selectable
Output protection Power-limited, open and short circuit protected
Input voltage 120 Vac at 60 Hz
Input current 0.8 A @ 120 Vac 0.5 A @ 120 Vac 1 A @ 120 Vac
Optional 24 Vdc input1




0.60 A

1.00 A

2.90 A

0.60 A

1.00 A

3.40 A

0.60 A

2.60 A

6.50 A

Frequency response 800 - 2800 Hz 400 - 4000 Hz

Rough-in: 14.5 x 18 x 4" (368 x 457 x 102 mm)

Finished Door: 16.25 x 19.5" (413 x 495 mm)

Battery Type Two 12 V Gel Cell in series
Battery size



24 V, 7 Ah

24 V, 18 Ah

24 V, 7 Ah

24 V, 18 Ah

24 V, 7 Ah

24 V, 24 Ah

Battery Standby Operating Time

24-60 Hours in Standby

15 minutes in Alarm

Battery Charging Current 800 mA
Battery Input current Full speaker load, no aux load:



0.18 A

1.10 A

0.15 A

0.80 A

0.16 A

0.60 A

Battery Input Current                                                                                 Full speaker load, full aux load of 0.5 A



1.10 A

2.50 A

1.00 A

1.10 A

1.10 A

2.00 A

Ordering Information

Part Number Description Wt. lb (kg)

Audio Notification Panels

Audio Notification Panels include DMR, Power Supply & Battery Charger, Standard Message, Microphone, and Cabinet

ANS100MDG2 100 Watt Audio Notification Panel. Gray Cabinet 32 (14.5)
ANS100MDR2 100 Watt Audio Notification Panel. Red Cabinet. 32 (14.5)
ANS25MDG2 25 Watt Audio Notification Panel. Gray Cabinet. 29 (13.2)
ANS25MDR2 25 Watt Audio Notification Panel. Red Cabinet. 29 (13.2)
ANS50MDG2 50 Watt Audio Notification Panel. Gray Cabinet. 32 (14.5)
ANS50MDR2 50 Watt Audio Notification Panel. Red Cabinet. 32 (14.5
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