End-to-End Beam Smoke Detector KC3000

Manufacture: kidde
Product code: KC3000

The KC3000 ✔️
✅ is an end-to-end infrared optical beam smoke detector that comprises an infrared transmitter, receiver, and controller ✔️
✅ The transmitter and receiver are installed near the ceiling of the protected area up to 393 feet (120 m) apart, while the controller is mounted at ground level where it remains accessible for maintenance and setup functions. Each controller will handle up to two transmitter/receiver pairs, each with separate fire and fault relays.


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Product information

- The KC3000 is typically used in situations where it is impractical, inappropriate or not cost-effective to use point-type detectors. It also enables coverage of a large protected area at minimal cost, and is ideally suited for situations that might include high ceilings, dusty and dirty environments, or environments that are prone to temperature extremes.

- The KC3000 features integrated laser alignment, which simplifies installation, and configurable detector sensitivity and drift compensation, which reduces nuisance alarms. These features and capabilities make the KC3000 a practical and effective wide area detection solution.

Standard Features

• Separate Transmitter and Receiver Heads

• Range 16.5 to 393 feet (5 m to 120 m), configurable per set of Detectors

• Lateral Spacing per NFPA 72 is 60 feet

• Integral Laser Alignment in Receiver

• 2-wire Interface between Controller and Receiver

• Single and Twin Channel capability

• Separate Fire and Fault Relays per Detector

• Low Level Controller with LCD display

• Programmable Sensitivity and Fire Threshold

• Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for drift compensation

• Built-in electronic UL/ULC obscuration-acceptance fire test

• Knockouts for ease of installation and wiring

• Built-in 1/2-inch/M-20 conduit knockouts on detectors and system controller


- Beam smoke detectors are ideal for large open areas such as warehouses, hotel atrium, industrial plants and school gymnasiums. End-to-end beam smoke detectors are particularly useful where line of sight for the infrared detection path is narrow and where the building structure employs reflective surfaces.

- The MC300 is designed to be aesthetically pleasing making it equally suitable for modern architectural buildings, as well as historical sites – particularly where ornate ceilings exist.

- Smoke stratification may be overcome by mounting pairs of receivers and transmitters at different heights, one of which will project an infrared beam below the heat layer and the smoke layer.

- Detection time will be longer in a building with a peaked roof if a fire occurs at the fringes of the protected area. If in doubt conduct appropriate smoke tests.

- The ideal location and spacing of the detector is critical in a properly installed and operating fire alarm system. It is recommended that the detectors be located and spaced in accordance with NFPA 72, which allows for lateral spacing of up to 60 ft (18.3 m).

Typical Wiring

End-to-End Beam Smoke Detector KC3000


End-to-End Beam Smoke Detector KC3000


End-to-End Beam Smoke Detector KC3000

- The distance between the ceiling and transmitter/receiver must be no more than 10 percent of the distance between floor and ceiling.

End-to-End Beam Smoke Detector KC3000

- Leave at least 11.8 inches (30 cm)) unobstructed space around the receiver and transmitter.

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage Range 12 to 36V DC ±10%
Operating Controller Current (with 1 or 2 Receivers) 14mA (constant)
Operating Transmitter Current 8mA (per Transmitter)
Alarm Threshold 25%-60%
Power Down Reset Time >20 seconds
Fire and Fault Relay Contacts Resistive VFCO 2A @ 30 Volts DC
Operating Temperature (non-condensing): -4°F to +131°F (-20°C to +55°C)
Optical Wavelength 850nm
Operating Range 16.5 to 393 feet (5-120m)
Maximum Cable Distance Between Receiver and Controller 330 Feet (100m)
Cabling between each Receiver and Controller 18-14 AWG 1-Pair – Twisted, Jacketed
IP Rating IP54
Relative Humidity (non-condensing) 93%
Dimensions and Weight, Control Unit 7.99 x 4.88 x 2.81in (203 x 124 x 71.5mm) 1.34lbs (0.607kg)
Dimensions and Weight, Transmitter & Receiver 3.07 x 3.03 x 6.33in (78 x 77 x 161mm) 0.456lbs (0.206kg)
Agency Listings UL/ULC S3417, FM Pending, CSFM 7260-1508-105
LED Indications

Control Unit:


Red = Fire, Amber = Fault, Green = System OK

Red = Fire, Alignment LEDs for single person alignment

Ordering Information

KC3000-103 End to End beam smoke detector 16.5ft. to 393ft. (5 m to 120 m). System includes one transmitter, one receiver, and one system control unit.
KC3000-016 Additional Detector Pack (set of transmitter and receiver heads). Use up to one additional Detector Pack per KC3000-103.
3000-201 Adjustment Bracket
3000-202 Surface Mount Adapter
3000-203 4-inch Square Cover Plate
5000-011 Surface Mount Detector Back Box (Requires one 3000-202 Surface Mount Adaptor for each head - ordered separately).
3000-209 Controller Backbox
3000-210 Semi Flush Trim Plate
1000-018 Wire Cage for KC3000 when used with the 5000-011 Detector Backbox and 3000-202 (ordered separately).


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