Eaton EFGVS addressable fire alarm graphical visualization software

Manufacture: Eaton Cooper
Product code: EFGVS

Eaton Flame Graphical Visualization Software (EFGVS) is a powerful monitoring management tool for Eaton Fire addressable systems Users can monitor, visualize in 2D and 3D, control and interrogate their systems to ensure alerts are located quickly and handled efficiently. Handy and intuitive, EFGVS includes a comprehensive list of advanced features to offer system designers. system and site supervisors a very effective tool that ensures all the information and controls they need are available at their fingertips. Eaton fire software allows 2D floor plans to be displayed but also provides global building 3D view level. It provides alarm information through visual and audible notifications but also logs all other system events and failures, allowing comprehensive reports to be generated. System control access through EFGVS can be tailored based on local regulations and user credentials


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Model Descriptions
EFGVS1-2 1-2 panel Graphic Visualization Software License includes EC0232 . interface
EFGVS3-6 Up to 6 boards Graphic Visualization Software License including EC0232 . interface
EFGVS7-10 Up to 10 boards Graphic Visualization Software License including EC0232 . interface
EFGVS11-PLUS Graphics Visualization Software License on 10 boards including EC0232 . interface
EFGVS7-10-TCPIP Graphical visualization software licenses up to 10 panels with TCP/IP binding
EFGVS11-PLUS-TCPIP Graphics Visualization Software License over 10 boards with TCP/IP link
EFGVS-DESIGN Graphic visualization design software license - no board connection
EFGVS-PREMIUMDESGN Graphic visualization premium design software license including EC0232 . interface
EC0232 Console network interface (LONWorks) to PC (RS232)


Parameter Quantitative
Network 50

Number of zones per network

Max event 99,999.999
Website Installer Database Format Version 2.0 above
Maximum history log size 4GB
Supported Eaton Network Protocols



Control cabinet support Eaton Address Cabinet (CF1100/1200 and CF3000 range)
Report file format HTML
Email sending protocol SMTP
Remote connection TCP / IP
Maximum building 10.000
Max floor 30.000
Maximum control panel / Device icon / Symbol 100.000
Maximum floor plan size 4096 x 4096
Supported image file formats BMP, PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF, PDF
Supported sound file formats WAV, MP3, WMA
Test run support format XSI, ZSI, SDF

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