Eaton CASBB394 Addressable and Audio Detector Dock

Manufacture: Eaton Cooper
Product code: CASBB394

Approved approved compliant audible visual alarm device (VAD) detection base, is one of the most versatile and useful in Eaton's addressable range of fire extinguishers, Includes all both the features of the addressable audio detector facility, as well as the powerful LED beacon. Responding to 4 lux output, the LED beacon is certified for use as an open-layer VAD.There are two main options when specifying an additional tuner to create an audio VAD tuner or adding a cover plate to form a a discrete audio VAD detector. The device is compatible with Eaton's full range of address detectors and fire systems


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Product information


Supply voltage 19 - 30vdc
Dimensions/Cable Type 0,5 - 2,5mm / FIRETUF, FP200 or MICC
Current backup <450 uA
Working temperature -10 ° C to + 55 ° C (95% RH)
Structure Plastic ABS / PC FR
Environment category Type A / IP21C
@=/- 3d8 audio output (set by console)

Low volume: 83dB @ <8.6mA Sound average volume: 90dB @ <10mA Volume High: 93dB @ <11mA

Standard Fire alarm equipment EN54-3 - Sounder
EN54-17: 2005
EN54-23: 2010
Tones (set by control panel) Continuous 910Hz Pulse 910 / 0Hz Pulse 1Hz Two Tone 610 / 910Hz @ 1Hz Cycle slow 500-1200Hz over 3.5s / 0.5s
Signaling Flash 0.5Hz
Total loop resistance for correct operation of short circuit isolators 50Ω (max)
Parallel fault resistance is viewed in the Control Panel to open the isolator 200Ω ()

Permissible continuous current through the isolator:

700mA (max)
Isolation resistance in closed state 0,26Ω (max)
Direct short circuit wall current leakage with isolator open 14mA (max)
voltage at which isolator changes open to closed or closed to open 3,8V to 11V
Maximum switching current of the isolator 1,5A

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