Eaton Addressable Sound Stand

Manufacture: Eaton Cooper
Product code: Eaton Addressable

Eaton's addressable acoustic base offers flexibility
⭐It can be used for announcements as a fire alarm acoustic base and has the option to attach to detectors, limiting the number of mounting points in the building , making installation faster and more efficient, The Sound Base is compatible with a wide range of Eaton address detectors , When used only for announcements, the unit can be used with a cover, instead of a cover. a detector, providing a self-contained, self-contained fire alarm sound device.


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Product information


Base sounder CAS380
Optical smoke sensor CAP320
Photo/thermal sensor CAPT340
Multi-mode heat sensor CAH330
Cardboard (Pack of 5) CASC


Standard CASC
Operating voltage 17Vdc to 32Vdc
Current backup 320μA
Tones (Set according to the table) Continuous: 910Hz Pulse: 910Hz / 0Hz pulse Hz Dual tone: 610/910Hz at 1Hz . cycle Slow Whoop
Working temperature -10 ° C to + 55 ° C
Humidity (No Condensation) 0 to 95% RH
Structure PC / ABS
Color White
Dimension (Dia x D) 102mm x 40mm
Weight 0,2kg
Intrusion Protection IP40
Suitable for use with

Eaton . Addressable Fire Extinguishing System

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