Eaton Addressable Fire Alarm System PCB Loop Circuit

Manufacture: Eaton Cooper
Product code: ZPCB2252-MML,ZPCB2252-MMR,ZPCB2252-MSL,ZPCB2252-MS

Eaton's range of PCB loops for addressable fire systems allows critical system and status indication devices to be routed to an external LED display
⭐  Main PCB controls up to 32 outputs as one device stand-alone or up to 250 outputs in total when daisy-chained to the slave's PCB with each slave controlling up to 32 outputs. Power is driven an external supply to the main PCB and can be loop or network driven , Both the main and auxiliary PCBs have LEDs available for clear fire, fault or indication, or with a relay to turn on other outputs such as lighting, door opening mechanism or sprinkler system if there is a fault or fire


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Mạch PCB LED (Chính) ZPCB2252-MML
Mimic Relay PCB (Chính) ZPCB2252-MMR
Mạch PCB LED (Slave) ZPCB2252-MSL
Mimic Relay PCB (Slave) ZPCB2252-MSR


Static current 310mA
Operating loop voltage 18Vdc to 30Vdc
Input 4mA to 20mA
External PSU 15Vdc to 30Vdc
Volt 24Vdc to 30Vdc
Current 10mA
Humidity 0 to 95% RH
Size (HxW) 10mm x 290mm
Weight 0,25Kg
Suitable with Eaton . Addressable Fire Extinguishing System

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