Eaton 5 in 1 Fixed Heat Detector 77°C and 92°C

Manufacture: Eaton Cooper
Product code: 77°C and 92°C

Eaton has a wide range of conventional fire alarm detectors designed to meet the needs of almost any application
⭐  Within the range, there are two main options or a versatile, can 5 in 1 detector easy switching, set of all detection modes or simple range of detection modes , Both options include optical, photothermal and thermal modes, Most common is the Optical detection is suitable for most commercial building applications, for fastest response to slow burning or smoldering fires that give rise to large visible smoke particles ,Heat detector type Light reacts quickly to clean and fast burning fires. They maintain an advantage over optical sensors when it comes to detecting smoldering fires that give rise to large visible smoke particles. The thermal enhancement of this detector allows for a higher alarm threshold, which further eliminates false alarms. The detector will also alarm at temperatures exceeding 60ºC. Optional heat detectors can be set to one of three sensing modes. Two fixed heat modes 77 o C or 92 o C and the boost speed function detects the rapid rise in temperature.


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Detector mounting base EFDB800 EFDB800
Normal detector mount EFXN520 EFXN520
Conventional Thermal Sensor (Fixed Heat, 77°C) EFXN524 EFXN524
Conventional Thermal Sensor (Raise Ratio) EFXN525 EFXN525
Conventional thermal sensor (Fixed heat, 92°C) EFXN526 EFXN526
Conventional optical smoke sensor EFXN533 EFXN533
Conventional thermal image sensor EFXN632 EFXN632
Conventional 5-in-1 sensor FXN922 400017FIRE-0031X
Firecat 12V . probe M12 400001FULL-0001


Head newpaper FXN922 EFXN533 EFXN632 EFXN524 EFXN525 EFXN526
Descriptions 5 in 1 . multi-mode detector Optical Detector Photo heat detector Fixed heat detector (77ºC) Incremental alarms Fixed heat detector (92ºC)
Standard EN54 Pt 5 & 7 2001 EN54 Pt7: 2000 + A1: 2002 EN54 Pt 5 & Pt 7 2000, A1: 2002 EN54 Pt 5 2000, A1: 2002
Alarm zone 100m²(according to local standards) 100m² (according to local standards) 100m² (according to local standards) 50m² (according to local standards) 50m² (according to local standards) 50m² (according to local standards)
Current start 340μA (max) N/A N/A 340μA (max) 340μA (max) N/A
Heat class N/A N/A A2S BS A2S CS
Alarm temperature N/A N/A 60ºC 77ºC 60ºC 92ºC
Working temperature -20ºC to 60ºC -20ºC to 60ºC -20ºC to 60ºC -20ºC to 60ºC -20ºC to 45ºC -20ºC to 75ºC
Dimensions exclude sole (Dia x H) 104mm x 42mm 101mm x 33mm 101mm x 33mm 101mm x 43mm 101mm x 43mm 101mm x 43mm
Dimensions include base (Dia x H) 104mm x 55mm 101mm x 45mm 101mm x 55mm 101mm x 55mm 101mm x 55mm 101mm x 55mm
Detection mode Multi-mode 5 in 1 Principle of light scattering Principle of light scattering & heat sensitive element Heat sensitive factor
Operating voltage 15V - 30Vdc
Backup 30μA (max)
Nevvel alarm 25mA (max)
Installation location Ceilings in open areas
Base Surface mount with standard base
Wiri 2 core
 LED 360 visible LED lights
Humidity 0 to 93% RH
Structure PC / ABS
Color White
Ip protections IP40
EMC CE được đánh dấu
Suitable Eaton conventional fire extinguishing system
Base EFXN520
Descriptions Đế gắn đầu báo tiêu chuẩn
Structor PC / ABS
Color White
Dimensions (Dia x D) 104mm x 22mm
Suitable for use Where is the usual newspaper Eaton
Firecat 12V Detector: M12
Vôn 10 - 16Vdc
Hiện tại 0,5 - 14mA
Sensor options Quang Heat Optical heat Increase speed temperature Fixed temperature
Point Endurance - pulse every 10 seconds (optional) Alarm - Continuity error red - yellow
Structor ABS, PC
Weight 0,08kg
Color White
Alarm output Forward
Contact IA 30Vdc normally closed Contacts open in alarm

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