Digital Message Module SIGA-MDM

Product code: SIGA-MDM

The SIGA-MDM Digital Message Module  ⭐
✅ provides the ability to add custom prerecorded voice messaging to GE Security’s Network and Non-network systems. A microphone/line-level audio input stereo jack along with an audio output stereo jack for monitoring with headphones or amplified speakers are provided. Creating and reviewing messages is straightforward using MDM’s onboard record and playback switches. Programming in the Signature Data Controller provides all control instructions. Extra wiring for monitoring or controlling circuits is not required.


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Product information

- The SIGA-MDM is part of the UIO family of plug-in Signature Series modules. It takes advantage of the modular flexibility and easy installation that characterizes all UIO modules. Two- and six-module UIO motherboards are available. These can accommodate individual risers for each on-board module, or shared risers in any combination with their UIO modules. All wiring connections are made to terminal blocks on the motherboard. UIO assemblies may be mounted in either GE Security cabinets, or standard electrical enclosures.

Standard Features

• Includes two pre-recorded messages

- Factory recorded EVACUATE and ALERT messages included.

• Custom voice quality

- Record, review and program custom messages in any language with onboard record and playback switches.

• 60 second capacity

- Store two 30 second messages in non-volatile EEPROM; cascade multiple modules for almost unlimited capacity.

• Integral microphone input and audio output jacks

- Up front jacks allow convenient recording and reviewing messages.

• Minimum wiring requirements

- Integral jumpers between modules allow sharing of risers to reduce installation wiring.

• Automatic device mapping

- UIO module transmits information to the loop controller regarding its circuit location with respect to other Signature devices on the wire loop.

• Electronic addressing

- Programmable addresses are downloaded the loop controller, a PC, or the SIGA-PRO Signature Program/Service Tool. There are no switches or dials to set .

• Intelligent device with microprocessor

- All decisions are made at the module to allow lower communication speed with substantially improved control panel response time and less sensitivity to line noise and loop wiring properties twisted or shielded wire is not required.


The SIGA-MDM provides storage for two 30 second messages in itsnon-volatile EEPROM memory. On-site recording capability make it easy for programming messages in any language or local dialects. Dual message capability lends itself to bilingual applications or sending Alert and/or Evacuation messages to different areas of the building using a single module. When more capacity is required, up to 47 MDM modules can be cascaded together providing 97 different message outputs. Pre-amp level audio output is fed the UIO module board terminals the 2-AAC Audio Controller.


The SIGA-MDM mounts to a UIO motherboard inside a suitable GE Security enclosure with screws and washers provided. Plug the module any available position on the motherboard and secure the module to the motherboard with the captive screws. Wiring connections are made to the terminals on the motherboard (see wiring diagram). UIO motherboard terminals are suited for #12 to #18 AWG (2.5 mm2to 0.75 mm2) wire size.

Digital Message Module SIGA-MDM

Typical Wiring

Digital Message Module SIGA-MDM


Power Requirements Audio Characteristics
Message Capacity 2 @ 30 seconds each
Audio Characteristics

Bandwidth: 400 Hz to 2.8 kHz +3/-6 dB @ 1 kHz

Distortion: <2% @ 1 kHz

Audio Input

(via front panel stereo jack)

Riser: 1 Vrms 600 ohms 5000 ft of #18 AWG max.

Riser Supervision: DC Supervision upstream MDM (47 Kohm EOL)

Front Panel: 1 Vrms 16 ohms 3.5 mm stereo jack Multi-Unit Cascade

Priority: Active downstream has priority

Remote Control Functions Playback and Message via Signature Data Controller (SDC)
Local Control Functions Message , Input Level , Record, and Local Playback
LED Indicators Record Mode, Play Mode, and Excessive Record Volume
Address Requirements

Uses 2 Module Addresses

Low Address = Off/Play; High Address = Msg #1/Msg #2

Type Code Personality Code (factory set; emulates SIGA-CC2)
Mounting Plugs UIO2R, UIO6R or UIO6 Motherboards
Construction and Finish High Impact Engineered Polymer; White

Operating and Storage


Operating Temperature: 32°F to 100°F (0°C to 38°C)

Storage Temperature: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)

Operating and Storage Humidity: 0 to 93% RH

Signature Series

is a Trademark

of GE Security

Agency Listing UL, ULC

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Description Ship Wt . - lb. (kg)
SIGA-MDM Intelligent Digital Message Module 0.18 (0.08)


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