Coders models CDR-3 PSN

Manufacture: kidde
Product code: CDR-3(PSN)

The CDR-3 coder ⭐
✅ is a modular microprocessor based system option module that provides audio contact coded output ⭐
✅ The coder activates in response to alarm information received over a supervised RS-232 communication circuit the fire alarm panel output port.


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Product information

The CDR-3 provides five LED status indicators. The module is supervised for lose of RS-232 communication the host control panel. Show communication be lost, the module will enter the fail-safe mode and automatically send a transient signal the programmer to outputs. The monitored PSNI and timing tone output also transmits the supervisor tone for circuit monitoring. 24 VDC loss of power and microprocessor failures are also monitored. The fault indicator module is supplied with a dry relay contact

Standard Features


• Microprocessor controlled

• RS-232 Input

• 1,000,000 code possibilities

• Active supervision of RS-232 port

• Positive Successive Non-Interfering

• Trouble output for coder failure

• 2, 3, or 4 digit code selection

• 4-Code output: 2 Tone, 2 dry contact

• Tone codes: PSNI and March Time or Temporal

• Dry Contact code outputs: PSNI and March Time or Temporal

• Low Current

• Fail Safe operation mode

• Dip Switch Selectable operating modes

• Mounts in cabinet in 1/2 size footprint space



- Coded systems are used where it is desirable to notify building occupants of a fire’s location via the fire alarm system audible notification appliances. The code sequence can identify specific areas of a facility to enable faster fire brigade response, etc. The CDR-3 can be used with conventional 24 VDC notification appliances or used in conjunction with audio emergency notification systems to provide a coded tone for broadcast over speaker circuits.

- The CDR-3 supports up to 1,000,000 unique codes consisting of 2, 3, or 4 digits. When a three-digit code is used, one digit in the code may be extended up to 15 pulses. Coded outputs four rounds of the code using the Positive, Successive, Non-Interfering (PSNI) format, which ensures that multiple codes will each sound completely, and without clashing with other codes waiting to be sounded. The module is provided with a buffer that stores up to 50 active codes. The coded output is available as both 1KHz au dio tones and a normally open or normally closed (jumper selectable) dry relay contact, which follow the code. The form C duration relay activates whenever PSNI code is being sent. This relay canbe used to transfer the coder output while the coder is operating. At the end of the PSNI code sequence, the coder can be config ured to output a continuous temporal or march time output


Model CDR-3, PSNI MTM-1, March Time
Input Voltage 24Vdc 24Vdc
Contact Ratings

30 Vdc @ 4 Amps (pf. 35)

25 Vrms @ 100 Watts

70 Vrms @ 100 Watts

30 Vdc @ 4 Adc (pf. 35)
Standby Current 60 mA N/A
Active Current 100 mA 30 mA
Tone Outputs (isolated

Output Impedance

Output Voltage


1.2K Ohm


10K Ohm

Coded Output

Code Format

Extended Range Format

Number of different codes

4 or 6 rounds, 1-4 digits, each digit 1-9

4 rounds, 1-3 digits, 1 digit 1-15 and 2 digits 1-9


March Time Output 60 or 90 Beats Per Minute (configurable) 60 Beats Per Minute
RS-232 Baud Rate 600, 1200, 2400, or 4800 60 Beats Per Minute
Environmen 32°F - 120°F (0°C - 49°C) 93% RH, Non-condensing
Listings ULI, FM, ULC, CSFM

Ordering Information

Model Description
CDR-3 PSNI Coder Module
MTM-1 March Time Coder Module
EXR Polarized Coder Relay
ARM-8 uxiliary Relay Module
ARA-1 Auxiliary Relay


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