CIOP-7273 Addressable Interface Module

Manufacture: Eaton Cooper
Product code: CIOP-7273

The module is an interface designed to allow Eaton addressable fire alarm systems to operate in parallel
⭐ Developed to comply with BS 7273-4:2015 practice for failsafe operation safety of the door opener and door holder, it ensures that, in the event of a fire, or failure of the fire alarm system, any electronically controlled door will function correctly, playing a role It is important to ensure that evacuation routes are not blocked, and that specific fire doors are closed to slow the spread of fire and smoke.


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Product information


Addressing interface module CIOP-7273


Standard BS 7273 Part 4
Loop operating voltage 18,5V dc to 30V dc
Loop Quiescent curent 450µA
Operating voltage PSU 24V dc - 30V dc
Relays Energized (Relays Energized) PSU 40mA @ 24V, 50mA @ 30V
PSU Current Alarm (Relay not working) 11mA @ 24V, 12mA @ 30V
Main error input PSU Dry contact input, S/C for strong, O/C for fault
PSU pin pin error input Dry contact input, S/C for strong, O/C for fault
Humidity (No Condensation) 0 to 95% RH
Working Temperature -5 ° C to + 40 ° C
Structure Packing - ABS
Dimension (HxWxD) 130mm x 180mm x 60mm
Weight 0,46kg
Protections class IP40
Suitable for use with Eaton smart addressable fire suppression system
Recommended loop/cable Fire Tuff, FP200, MICC

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