Buzzer VAD Addressable Fire Alarm System Eaton CASB393 and CASB393WP

Manufacture: Eaton Cooper
Product code: CASB393 & CASB393WP

Eaton's Open Class Visual Alarm Devices (VAD)
⭐for its addressable fire alarm systems offer low current consumption, multiple audio output levels and an energy efficient LED light source, Rated soft addressing and loop power supply, range is easily maintained and set up the system control panel where tone and volume can also be adjusted ,However, designed for when EN54-23 VAD is needed , an open layer option has been selected which means that the volume and shape of the coverage do not restrict the mounting height. Brightness 0.4 lux still applies to the open class range ,Available in two options: standard and weather. Weather resistant rated IP66, suitable for indoor washout areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, factories and outdoor applications


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Product information


Open Class Sounder VAD CASB393
VAD . weatherproof open-layer acoustic loudspeaker CASB393WP


Supply voltage 19-30Vdc
Dimension, caple type 0,5mm - 2,5mm / FIRETUF, FP 200 hoặc MICC
Preventive <450μA
Working temperature -10 ° C to + 55 ° C
Audio output @ +/- 3dB (set according to the panel) Low volume: 87dB @ <8.6mA
Medium volume: 93dB @ <10mA
High volume: 100dB @ <11mA
Type Type A - CASB393 
Type B - CASB393WP
Standard Fire alarm equipment EN54-3 - Sounder EN54-17: 2005 EN54-23: 2010 VAD . fire alarm devices
Tones (set by control panel) Continuous 984Hz Pulse 984 / 0Hz Pulse 1Hz Two Tone 644 / 984Hz @ 1 Hz Cycle Slow Slow 500-1200 Hz at 3.5 sec / 0.5 sec
Frequency Flash Flash 0,5Hz
Total loop resistance for correct operation of short circuit isolators 50Ω (max)
Parallel fault resistance is viewed in the Control Panel to open the isolator 200Ω
Permissible continuous current through isolator 700mA (max)
Isolation resistance in closed state 0,26Ω (max)
Direct short circuit wall current leakage with isolator open 14mA (max)
voltage at which isolator changes open to closed or closed to open 3,8V to 11V
Maximum switching current of the isolator 1,5A

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