Battery Operated Smoke AlarmModel i9070

Product code: i9070

✅ Front-loading battery door allows you to change the battery without removing the alarm mounting bracket

✅ Front Load Battery Door - Provides easy access, which reduces the installation and battery replacement time.

✅ Hush™ Feature - Temporarily silences nuisance alarms.

✅ Previous Model #: 0976


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Product information

The Kidde i9070 Smoke Alarm is an ionization, battery operated unit that provides users with an easy to operate front load battery door, making replacing the battery simple and convenient. The front load battery door allows users to change batteries without having to remove the smoke alarm the mounting bracket.

Its unique battery compartment design will not close if the battery is installed incorrectly, leaving you assured the batteries are properly installed. A locking feature, located on the back of the alarm, allows the battery door to lock if there is a concern of theft or tampering. Along with its other premium features such as Hush®, that silences nuisance alarms, this product was designed to help warn families the dangers of smoke and fire hazards while providing its users with easy to use features to keep a maintained smoke alarm with working battery.

Part Number(Ordering Number):i9070

Features and Benefits

Battery Operated (9V Battery Included) – Protects even during power outages

Front Load Battery Door – Provides easy access, which reduces the installation and battery replacement time

Hush® Feature – Temporarily silences nuisance alarms

Tamper Resist Feature – Battery door can be locked to prevent battery removal

Adjustable Mounting Bracket – Allows for fast installation and perfect alignment

Test/Reset Button – Large and easy to use; tests all electronic circuitry, horn and battery function

Technical Specifications

Model Number i9070
Power Source 9V Battery
Audio Alarm 85dB at 10ft
Temperature Range 40 ̊F to 100 ̊F (4 ̊C to38 ̊C
Humidity Range up to 85% relative humidity (RH)
Sensor: Ionization
Size: 5” in diameter x 1.79” depth
Weight: 5lbs
LED Red, alarm condition
Warranty: 10 year limited warranty

Battery Operated Smoke AlarmModel i9070

Architectural and Engineering Specifications

- The smoke alarm shall be Kidde Model i9070 or approved equal. It shall be powered by a 9V battery source. The unit shall incorporate an ionization sensor with nominal sensitivity of 0.59-1.46%/ft. The temperature operating range shall be between 40°F and100°F (4°C and 38°C) and the humidity operating range shall be up to 85% rela-tive humidity. The alarm shall provide optional tamper resistance that locks the battery door closed. No additional pieces shall be required to activate this feature.

- The alarm shall include an easy access battery compartment that is opened and closed by pressing on the battery door. The 9V battery carrier will ensure proper battery power protection by not allowing the battery door to close if the battery is placed in the unit incorrectly or if a battery is not present. The unit shall also provide an optional tamper resistant switch that will help prevent the battery door being opened.

- The unit shall include a piezoelectric horn that is rated at 85 deci-bels at 10 feet. The unit shall include the Hush® feature that silences the unit for approximately 7 minutes if a nuisance condition occurs. The alarm will chirp every 30 - 40 seconds while in hush mode and will automatically reset.

- The unit shall incorporate a red LED, which will flash once every 30-40 seconds to indicate the alarm is operating properly and will flash once per every 1.5 seconds when the unit is alarming and will remain so until the air is cleared.

- The unit shall at a minimum meet the requirements of UL217, NFPA72, and The California State Fire Marshall, NFPA101 (0ne and two family dwellings), Federal Housing Authority (FHA), Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Ordering Information

Battery Operated Smoke AlarmModel i9070

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