Alarm bells,alarms FX006 and MWB824

Manufacture: Eaton Cooper
Product code: FX006 & MWB824

Eaton motorized fire alarms for conventional fire alarm systems are available in two variants
✅ 6 inch indoor bell and 8 inch weatherproof bell , Bell remains a popular choice for many outdoor applications fires include schools, where it is used to signal class changes, and in factories to signal shift changes , Both variants incorporate highly efficient rotary centrifugal motion, resulting Combines high audio output with low current consumption


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Product information


6 inch bell inside FX006
Weatherproof 8-inch bell MWB824


Model MWB824 FX006
Descruption Weatherproof 8-inch bell 6 inch bell inside
Consumption voltage 28mA ở 24Vdc 25mA ở 24Vdc
Output audio 95dB (A) (+/- 2) 95dB (A) (+/- 2)
Structor Enameled steel Goose - Base Steel- Polycarbonate
Size (Dia x D) 200mm x 104mm 152mm x 63mm
Weight 0,49kg 0,85kg
Protection class IP54 IP21C
Cable connection Via separate back box Rear part
Standard EN54 Pt3
Operating voltage 24Vdc
Operating temperature -10 ° C to + 55 ° C
Non-condensing humidity 0 to 93% RH
Color Red
Suitable with Eato . conventional fire extinguishing system

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