AIR-Intelligence Detectors ASD-32

Product code: ASD-32

The AIR-Intelligence ASD-320 provides high sensitivity smoke detection in a medium size package for small to medium applications. ClassiFire Perceptive Artificial Intelligence ensures that the detector operates at optimum sensitivity for the protected environment without the need for complex setup.


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Product information

The ASD-320 ships with 'Fault' and 'Fire' relays and an optional Input Relay Card provides four levels of alarm, fault and three programmable remote inputs. Networkable through SenseNET or the Command Module. The detector is housed in a rugged metal enclosure.

Key Features:

• Ideal for small to medium applications.

• High-sensitivity provided by laser based forward light scatter.

• Unique ClassiFire™ Perceptive Artificial Intelligence system dynamically adjusts operating parameters.

• Patented Dual Technology LDD 3D3™ Laser Dust Discrimination and Elimination System precludes unwanted alarms due to dust.

• Built-in RS-485 communications for networking and remote communications.

• Two (2) sampling pipes; up to 328 feet maximum total length and 50 sampling ports.

PC Remote Software

All AIR-Intelligence detectors are supplied with PC remote software, permitting easy system configuration, viewing of event log, diagnostic checking of system and the ability to view ClassiFire Artificial Intelligence in real-time.


• Aircraft Hangars

• Airport Terminals

• Anti-Smoking Enforcement

• Atria

• Cable Tunnels

• Ceiling Voids & Raised Floors

• Cleanrooms

• Coal Conveyers

• Computer Cabinets

• Computer Rooms

• Corrections Facilities

• Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Centers

• Engine Rooms

• Escalators

• Flour Mills

• Food Preparation Areas

• Freezer Warehouses

• Heritage Buildings

• High-End Residential

• Hospitals

• Hotel Lobbies

• Metro Tunnels

• Museums

• Paper Mills

• Record Storage Facilities

• Recycling Centers

• Semiconductor Fabrication

• Telecommunications Facilities

• Textile Areas

• Tobacco Plants

• Warehouses and Distribution Centers

• Wood Recycling


Model Number ASD-320
Coverage Area 10,000 sq. ft (929 sq. m)
Detection Principle Laser forward-light scattering mass detection and
particle evaluation
Dust Discrimination Principle 3D3 Laser Dust Discrimination (LDD)
Sensitivity Range 0.00046% to 7.62% Obs/ft.
0.0015% to 25% Obs/m
Particle Sensitivity Range 0.003μ to 10μ
Sampling Pipe Inlets Two (2)
Exhaust Pipe Outlets One (1)
Total Sampling Pipe 328 feet maximum
Sampling Pipe Diameter 3/4” nominal bore (27 mm O/D)
Number of Sampling Holes 25 per pipe (50 total)
Programming Command Module or PC via RS-232/RS-485
Alarm Levels 4 (Aux, Pre-alarm, Fire 1 and Fire 2)
Network Data Bus RS-485
Maximum Data Bus Length 4,000 ft. between detectors
Supply Voltage 21.6V - 26.4 VDC
Current Consumption 400 mA @ 24 VDC
Operating Temperature Range NSI/UL 268: 14° to 100°F (-10° to 38°C)
CEA 4022: 14° to 140°F (-10° to 60°C)
Weight 8.4 lbs (3.8 kg)
Size 11.81” W x 8.66” H x 3.35” D
(330 mm x 220 mm x 85 mm)
Operating Humidity Range 0 - 90% (non-condensing)
Enclosure Protection IP-50


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