Address cabinet, Tu Bao Chay 2 loop address CF2000

Manufacture: Eaton Cooper
Product code: CF2000

The CF2000 Fire Control Panel is an entry level addressable control panel that can be configured for 1 or 2 loop operation
⭐It is the ultimate solution for buildings that require an addressable fire suppression system simple with an offline control panel. Eaton's ability to support cause-and-effect programming and a wide range of user-controlled functions make the control panel suitable for a wide variety of projects small warehouses to small/medium offices as well as many small industrial applications. As with all Eaton addressing tables, the CF2000 uses "tolerance excitation" soft addressing to minimize setup time and eliminate the potential for errors commonly associated with many forms of manual addressing. The fire control panel also features an LCD display that provides a simple yet comprehensive, menu-driven end user interface


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Loop control cabinet CF2000 910187FULL-0198
Fire alarm system log MFALOG


Standard EN54 Pt2 1997, A1: 2006 EN54-4 1997, A1: 2002 & A2: 2006
Loop 2
Address per loop 200
Control cabinet audio circuit 4 total outputs 1A (programmed in pairs - outputs 1 & 2, 3 & 4)
Class change facility Operated by external contacts, normally open, no volt
Auxiliary relay A set of changes on the contacts, active in the event of a fire trigger
Auxiliary fire router output 24Vdc, 30 mA (max)
Output auxiliary fire protection equipment 24Vdc, 30 mA (max)
Router output Auxiliary error 12Vdc, 30 mA (max)
Output port RS485 and RS232 (for connecting repeaters, etc.)
Main input voltage 230Vac + 10% / -15%
System operating voltage 24Vdc
Battery backup 2 x 12V 7Ah
Waiting time 24 hours (depends on loop load)
Working temperature -5˚C to 40˚C
Humidity (No Condensation) 0 to 93% (+ 2 / -3%) RH
Structure Back box - Mild Steel Door - PC / ABS
Color Grey
Dimension (HxWxD) 400mm x 320mm x 170mm
Weight (with battery) 15kg
Protecitons IP30
Cable in and out Top: 20 cable-inputs (20mm) Bottom: 4 cable inputs Rear: 3 cable-in and cut-out outputs (125mm x 18mm)

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