Yunyang YFP multi-storey technical fire alarm cabinet, CNS standard, ISO 9001 2000

Manufacture: yunyang
Product code: YFPR-1A

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Product information

- Power supply: AC110V / AC220V 50 / 60Hz - Type: Wall Mounted / Stand Alone - Backup battery: Maintenance-free lead acid battery DC24V

- Voltage alarm: Low voltage detection warning - Charging voltage and current: DC26.4V, 100mA ~ 500mA, trickle charge

- Circuit voltage and current: DC24V, short circuit voltage 5V, less than 32mA

- External circuit impedance: To-and-fro below 50Ω, group impedance above 2MΩ

- Detector: Unlimited constant temperature and od difference detector; for smoke detectors (DC24V 80 HayA) or digital differential detectors, up to 16 smoke detectors can be connected per circuit.

- Terminal: 10KΩ / Capacitor

- Number of indicators: 1.2 times the board circuit

- Number of bells: 1.2 times the board circuit

- Material: 1.2mm ~ 2.0mm . steel plate

- Main sound: Buzzer style speaker (85dB for more than 1 meter distance)

- Remote signal contact: No normally open contact voltage, AC capacity 250V 3A


- English LCD screen: The control panel and LCD screen are designed in English with a guide interface, clearly showing the situation on the website, completely in line with the operating habits of our people. .

- LCD Touch feature: LCD panel, can be optional touch function.

- Weekly automatic test: System with timed self-test function and weekly test performing test on each individual circuit can be set. (If there is a fire alarm during activation of this function, the test will stop automatically)

- Accumulator: The accumulator function is to prevent false alarms and this function can be turned off the control panel. Each circuit has a 2-stage accumulator function. Through the central control unit software, the accumulator function can also be disabled for individual circuits.

- 4 color LED display Circuit 5 Different scenarios: Each circuit light board module has 8 circuit indicator lights. Each circuit is equipped with 2 LEDs with 4 colors indicating 5 different situations, which can clearly show any situation of the circuit.

- 2-wire transmission function: The module is addressable to the control panel connected by 2-wire transmission mode. Voice guidance: The system includes audio guidance in malfunction mode and normal mode, helping management personnel to understand the fault location and guide the operator through the procedures. operating process.

- Real-time printing function printer: This printer can print trigger circuit and print any signal received sensor.

- Modular design: Modular slot design, with separate terminal modules for I/O. No need to disconnect external lines to replace damaged circuit board, thus improving significantly improve the efficiency of maintenance and inspection.

- Communication error monitoring screen: The central controller has a communication error monitoring screen, which can directly monitor the communication status of the circuit light board display module and control communication module I/O.

- Functions outside the addressable module: The communication module connects to the I/O module, the address detector, each addressable I/O module and the detector has can be displayed on the control panel LCD by encoding the address for each addressable device.

Tủ báo cháy kỹ thuật đa tầng Yun Yang YFPR, Chuẩn CNS, ISO 9001 2000

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