YDT-H02, Yun Yang Voice Heat Detector

Manufacture: yunyang
Product code: YDT-H02

⭐Yun Yang Voice Heat Detector Uses Batteries ,Power Supply : DC3V / Specified Lithium Battery ,Battery life can DEPE nd on condition of use ,Sound Out : Over 80dB for 1m , size : 102 mm (diameter) × 43 mm (height)


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Product information

main function YDT-H02, Yun Yang Voice Heat Detector

- Play sounds that are easy to hear and understand for children and seniors.

- Use durable lithium battery. - Suitable for housing.

- Equipped with an automatic test function, the user will be notified of any errors immediately.

- Ring shape with high brightness warning indicator, without any blind angle.

- Easy to install without any wires. (wall mounted type available) Specifications

Model YDT-H02
Working principle Heat detectors
Working pressure Operating temperature 65
Fire alarm sound Bell style with LED flash and fire alarm in English
Low voltage If the voltage is below 2.69V, it will chirp sound every 88 seconds as a reminder
Error status If any error is detected, it will continue to play "error" sound
Power supply DC3V / Specified lithium battery ※ Battery life may DEPE nd on usage conditions.

Output audio

Over 80dB for 1m
Environment temperature 0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Size 102 mm (diameter) × 43 mm (height)
Weight One pprox. 1 13 grams

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