YunYang Taiwan Electronic Optical Smoke Detector YRR-13

Manufacture: yunyang
Product code: YRR-13

⭐ Origin : Yun Yang Taiwan Taiwan ,Addressable Smoke Detector , Operating Voltage: DC16V ~ 30V , Current Monitoring: 450A / DC24V , Genuine Supply , 12 Months Warranty, Delivered nationwide


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Product information

Manufacturer of photoelectric smoke detectors.


Ambient temperature: 0oC ~ 50oC

Relative humidity: less than 95%

Monitoring Current: 450A / DC24V

Operating voltage: DC16V ~ 30V

Dimensions: 108 X 47 mm


- Address encoding with dip switch

- Two-wire multi-wire

- With the function of photoelectric sensor, it can work quickly and accurately with high stability. In addition, it will not cause false alarms by chemical substances, gas leaks or external light.

- Steel insect mesh with 0.5 mm pore size ensures a smooth flow of smoke and prevents insects or dust entering the detector - The detector does not contain any radioactive substances and is not harmful to humans and animals.

- The detector is reusable and easy to maintain. Remove the cover to clean the interior. The detector is made of flameproof and high temperature resistant plastic.

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