Yun Yang YDSW-H05 and YDSW-H05-A Wireless standalone smoke detectors

Manufacture: yunyang
Product code: YDSW-H05 & YDSW-H05-A

Yun Yang YDSW-H05 & YDSW-H05-A Wireless Standalone Smoke Detector ⭐Audio Output: Over 80dB for 1m,Battery: Specified Lithium Battery DC3V,Dimensions: 120 (Dia.) X 48 (H) ) mm ,Working temperature: 0
°C ~ 50
°C ,One year warranty (battery is a consumable item, not included in the warranty)


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Product information

- When one of the detectors detects smoke, all detectors in the house will issue a notification.

- Alarm message in English (Other languages can be selected on request)

- Led light.

- 10 years battery.

- Easy to install without any wires.

- If camera is equipped, images can also be sent to mobile phones along with warning messages (Optional).


YDSW-H05 (Máy chủ)

YDSW-H05-A (phụ)

Đầu ra âm thanh Trên 80dB cho 1m
Kiểu Đầu báo khói quang điện Bảo hành

Bảo hành một năm

(pin là vật phẩm tiêu hao, không bao gồm trong bảo hành)

Nguồn cấp Pin lithium được chỉ định DC3V Kích thước 120 (Dia.) X 48 (H) mm
Điện áp DC3V Trọng lượng Xấp xỉ 200g
Hiện tại 300mA Nhiệt độ môi trường 0 ° C ~ 50 ° C

- One detection server can connect up to 14 sub-detectors (including APP Network Text Module).

- Battery life may be shortened depending on frequency of use.

- Where there are no obstacles. (According to environmental factors such as building structure and building materials, it will shorten the radio wave transmission distance).

- Simultaneously press the Login buttons on the Detector Server and Secondary Detector. The voice message of "Beep! Login successful" can be heard when the login is successful. Server Detector will announce the number of Sub-Detectors Successfully Login, Easy Setup.

Installation location For optimal protection, the detector can be installed in each individual room, such as bedrooms, kitchens, stairs, hallways, attics, living rooms, storage rooms and basements. . (If the length of the corridor or each individual room is longer than 10 meters, more than one detector should be installed)

1. Single-storey house: Install at least one detector inside and outside each room

2. Multi-storey house: Install at least one inside and outside each room and at the stairs.

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