YSD-22, YUNYANG Optical Smoke Detector

Manufacture: Yun Yang
Product code: YSD-22

YSD-22 : YUNYANG Optical Smoke Detector
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Product information

Optical smoke detector YUNYANG YSD-22 is a line of optical smoke detectors manufactured in Tiwan, being used in many fire alarm systems today with the following advantages:

YSD-22 : Đầu dò khói quang YUNYANG

1. Quality guaranteed qualified pccc.

2. The price is suitable with the moderate installation cost.

3. Genuine 12 months warranty.

YSD-22 : Đầu dò khói quang YUNYANG


Specifications YUNYANG YSD-22 . Optical Smoke Detector

- With photoelectric sensor, the detector is activated more quickly, accurately and reliably, without false alarms caused by chemicals, external light.

- Use many times, durable, easy to maintain. Clean the inside by removing the outer cover.

- Supports 2 separate LED displays for easy and quick identification of the detector's status.

- Display: There are 2 LED lights. Flashes green in normal condition (15 seconds blinks once), red light in alarm.

- Use 0.5mm hole mesh to prevent insects and dust.

- Non-polar connection wires are easy to install and avoid system failure.

- Rated voltage: 24VDC.


- Operating voltage: 12 ~ 30 VDC. Alarm current: 25mA.

- Operating temperature: -10°C ~ +50°C Relative humidity: 95% non-condensing.

- Dimensions: 101 x 48 mm.

- Weight: 133g.

- Shell made of flame retardant plastic.



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