YFR-1 addressable fire alarm control panel with 17 in touch screen

Manufacture: yunyang
Product code: YFR-1

⭐ Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel YFR-1 with 17" Touch Screen ,Certification: ISO 9001:2000, CNS , - Dimensions HxWxD: Wall Mounted (580x480x180 / 800x560x200mm / 950x560x200mm), Mains Power : AC110V 50-60HZ / AC220V 50-60HZ ,LCD display in English (LCD parameters: 240X128)


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Product information

main function


- Mains power: AC110V 50-60HZ / AC220V 50-60HZ

- Backup battery: Maintenance-free lead-acid battery

- Transmission distance: Zipper type (divided subordinate distribution lines) 2KM -

Circuit voltage:

Audio confirmation line / local fire alarm / Indicator / Local telephone: DC 24V

Communication power supply: AC 32V

- Power Consumption: Main Panel Included (Max): 500mA

- Communication board monitoring (per system) (Max): 280mA

- Transmission: Selection / Voting

- Main Sound: Sound-Plus-Voice, Human Voice or Alarm Sound (over 90dB)

- Main material: 1.6 mm . steel plate

- Exterior processing: Electrical coating

- Dimensions HxWxD: Wall mount (580x480x180 / 800x560x200mm / 950x560x200mm)


- LCD display in English (LCD parameters: 240X128) - 17" color touch LCD panel (optional) with many functions for customers to choose

a. (Touch) Control panel of fire fighting equipment at disaster prevention center

b. Fire monitoring and control system

c. Fire touch control panel (riser diagram)

- Two-wire transmission

- Super long transmission distance (up to 2 km between central controller and repeater)

- Optional function of the central controller

a. Up to 2048 addressable points for devices with address

b. Serial reporting interface: up to 2048 points

c. R-type synchronous auxiliary: connect up to 16 auxiliary units

d. Up to 8 R-type central control units can be connected to form a large fire prevention and monitoring network

e. One RS-232 communication port and three RS-485 communication ports for connection to the central computer monitoring system

- Memory device to permanently store information up to 2048entries (up to 10000 entries possible)

- Protection of system communication modules

- Detect communication line insulation damage

- Protection against flare

- Protection against repeated wire connections

- Phased isolation for repeaters

- Table of repeating conditions

- Leakage protection for addressable devices

- Edit software configuration for devices with address

- Weekly automatic check

- Two-phase cumulative false reporting provision

- Backup power saving function

- LCD backlight saving function

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