YFB-6, 24 VDC 6 in 90dB Fire Alarm

Manufacture: yunyang
Product code: YFB-6

YFB-6, 24 VDC 6'' 90dB fire alarm
⭐12-24VDC power supply ,30mA current consumption ,Noise level: 90dB , Material: Steel, fireproof plastic ,12 month warranty, Nationwide delivery , Price: 0917.911.114


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Product information

The fire alarm has a motor running with low current consumption, controlled by sensors or humans, and sounds like a fire. The special structural design is very durable, the bell can ring for 40 hours continuously without loss of performance and design structure. Details 6 inch diameter fire alarm with voltage 12VDC or 24V

– Power supply 12-24VDC

– Current consumption 30mA

– Noise level: 90dB

– Material: Steel, fireproof plastic Yunyang YFB-B6 Fire Alarm Bell is one of the popular fire alarm and bell products, popular and widely used by many consumers. Products Taiwan with high quality, Yunyang brand is a reputable brand in the field of manufacturing fire alarm equipment. The fire alarm works when the fire alarm system is used for people to detect the place where the fire is happening and the fire alarm center will issue a warning signal so that everyone near the fire area will know. and move to escape and organize fire fighting in a timely manner. The motor runs with low current consumption. Fire alarms are controlled by sensors or humans and sound the same as when a fire occurs. Fire alarms are often installed in public corridors, exits of emergency doors. With outstanding uses and features:

- Good alarm ability

- Motor runs with low current consumption

- Durable

- Can be used many times The product promises to be a quality product that will not disappoint consumers. What are you waiting for, order now or refer to other Yunyang Fire Alarms and Bells products.

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