YEP-2-250W,Yun Yang Fire Alarm Transmitter

Manufacture: yunyang
Product code: YEP-2-250W

Digital speaker overload detection automatically monitors speaker circuitry. Whenever there is an overload or short circuit, the damaged speaker can be automatically isolated, preventing damage to the amplifier. After troubleshooting, the output can be restored by pressing the reset button without changing any fuse., Emergency broadcast control panel, Control panel with many functions: test battery, voltmeter, output volume indicator, manual fire alarm button, auxiliary MIC plug, emergency MIC, monitor speaker, CD/Tape/Radio, volume and pitch control.

- Battery protection In battery backup mode, whenever the battery voltage drops below 13V, it will stop discharging to prolong battery life.

- Multilingual content With built-in fire alarm (in Mandarin and Taiwanese). Multi-layered or unique speech sounds can also be ordered as needed.

- A full set of optional accessories and functions are available CD, Tape, Radio, telephony broadcast interface, timed chime device, high level audio input, RS232 communication protocol interface, on/off business ringer, magnetically controlled microphone remote or auxiliary device; It can also be combined with emergency telephone control, with a full set of accessories and optional functions available.


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Area number Wattage Height(mm) Width(mm) Depth(mm)
All 100w-250w 100 360 265
All 300w-800w 150 430 360
All 900w-1500w 300 450 430
5L-10L 100w-250w 100 360 265
15l-20L 100w-250w 160 430 380
5L-20L 380w-800w 260 430 380
25L-40L 100w-800L 260 430 380
5L-40L 900w-1500w 300 450 430
45L-60L 100w-1500w 370 450 430

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