Wireless Siren ,Wireless Siren ZWAS-V1,WAS-V2,Overflow Valve

Manufacture: Zenesis
Product code: ZWAS-V1 và WAS-V2

Wireless Sirens (Wireless Sirens ZWAS-V1,WAS-V2) - Zenesis Korea Genuine 100% professional in fire alarms, alarms..
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Detailed description of Wireless Sirens (Wireless Sirens ZWAS-V1,WAS-V2)

ZENESIS wireless sirens combine with wireless fire detectors and wireless alarms to lead to immediate evacuation of workers in the event of an emergency. Can provide up to 120dB audible and LED visual alarms for a clear alarm sound in outdoor workshops and noise areas.

Còi Báo Động Không Dây ( Còi báo Động Wireless ZWAS-V1,WAS-V2)-Van Xả Tràn

Specifications of Wireless Siren (Wireless Siren ZWAS-V1,WAS-V2) Moel : ZWAS-V1 and ZWAS-V2

✅ Power supply: AC200V / DC24V AC200V / DC24V

✅ Consumption: 600mA - 1000mA

✅ Alarm tone 100dB / LED - 120dB / LED

✅ Wireless distance 300 (AIR) - 300 (AIR)

✅ Module : RF 447 MHz - 447 MHz

✅ Material: PC & ABS - PC & ABS

✅ Around -20 ~ 50oC -20 ~ 50oC

✅ Dimensions (mm) 180 250 80 200 200 145

Features Wireless Siren (Wireless Siren ZWAS-V1,WAS-V2)

- Interlocking wireless alarm

- 120dB . tri-color audio

- LED visual alarm

- Backup power system

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Còi Báo Động Không Dây ( Còi báo Động Wireless ZWAS-V1,WAS-V2)-Van Xả Tràn

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