Portable Fire Extinguisher System ZAQ

Manufacture: Zenesis
Product code: ZAQ-FT-3/5,ZAQ-FT-10,ZAQ-FT-13-G

Portable fire hydrant system - Portable Fire Extinguisher System (ZAQ-FT-3/5,ZAQ-FT-10,ZAQ-FT-13-G) is convenient for small, flexible space fire fighting, fire fighting Urgent ..
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Product information

Detailed Description of Portable Fire Extinguishing System (ZAQ-FT-3/5,ZAQ-FT-10,ZAQ-FT-13-G)

Hệ Thống Chữa Cháy Xách Tay (ZAQ-FT-3/5,ZAQ-FT-10,ZAQ-FT-13-G)

- This is an integrated portable fire suppression system that can control the fire emergency phase in construction or industrial areas not equipped with complete fire suppression systems.

- It is an aerosol fire extinguishing system applicable to ordinary fire, oil fire and electric fire, water damage minimization, mobile and self-powered extinguishing; is an effective portable fire extinguishing system for controlling the early stage of fire extinguishing in different places.

- In addition, the dual nozzles can be easily switched between direct injection and aerosol flame spraying, depending on the type of fire; it is also easy to use for anyone like women or old people. Specifications of Portable Fire Extinguishing System (ZAQ-FT-3/5,ZAQ-FT-10,ZAQ-FT-13-G)


Hệ Thống Chữa Cháy Xách Tay (ZAQ-FT-3/5,ZAQ-FT-10,ZAQ-FT-13-G)


Tổng hợp thiết bị báo cháy, chữa cháy Zenesis Hàn Quốc...Tại đây

Advantages of Portable Fire Extinguishing System (ZAQ-FT-3/5,ZAQ-FT-10,ZAQ-FT-13-G)

- Safe, convenient and easy to use

- Different fire fighting ability (class A, B, C)

- Convenient transportation and economic efficiency - Possibility to extend the protection area (extend the length of the pipe)

- Various usability (fire extinguishing / equipment cleaning / indoor cleaning)



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