Ves Compas Addressable Fire Alarm Center

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Addressable Fire Alarm Center Ves (Compas)
⭐used for addressable fire alarm system, including red, black and gray colors, UL/FM standard, 2 to 8 Loop (4 Slot and 2 to 16 Loop (8 Slot) ) , Ves fire alarm products, Contact 0917.911.114


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Product information

Standard Features

• Approved UL (Tenth Edition) and FM List - PENDING

• Supports Hochiki and Apollo protocols

• 2 to 8 loops or 2 to 16 loop versions

• Loop 400mA

• 4 programmable NACs; Class B or 2 Class A with internal synchronization

• 5.25 A or 10.25 A power supply options

• 3 programmable inputs and 5 programmable relay outputs

• 7 inch, full color resistive touch screen with intuitive user interface

• Up to 24 programmable soft function keys

• Up to 64 user login accounts

• Hard wire inputs and outputs and routing problems

• Electronic and expandable module

• 400 subpoints per loop (800 loop modules)

• Option to reverse input and output of reverse

• 5000 programmable causes and effects; more than 50,000 inputs and outputs

• Can be networked with programming function

• Programming via USB to PC or memory card

• L@tiView . graphical PC user interface

- Compas' entire new product line of fire alarm control equipment combines the latest hardware and software to create a control and indication system, powerful and sophisticated, yet simple to use and understand. The flexibility of the Compas platform is such that it can be reconfigured to realize a variety of control and indicator applications, with direct integration smart buildings. Moving away the simple competitive pricing model used by most manufacturers today, the Compas concept is designed to add value to System Designers, Integrators, Service Providers service and end users. Developed First Using some of the most advanced technology available, Compas is designed as one of the most technologically advanced, powerful, intelligent and technically robust fire alarm products available. Not only will the products and services provided by the Compas brand provide solutions for the most technical, challenging applications in life safety, but also will bring added value, market advantage and competitive advantage. Competition to Your Business. Specifications

2 to 8 LOOP (4 SLOT)

- Standard cabinet dimensions - 420mm (W) x 590mm (H) x 153mm (D) or 16.5in (W) x 23.2in (H) x 6in (D) Cabinet depth - 420mm (W) x 590mm (H) x 203mm (D) or 16.5in (W) x 23.2in (H) x 8in (D) - Light steel plate shell material, 1.5 mm

- Input cable standard cabinet - 28 knockouts, 19 return knockouts, 1 knockout each, 2 knockouts Deep - 38 top knockouts, 19 return knockouts, 1 knockout next to each side, 2 knockouts bottom - Semi-Flush installation kit KM5FCRD - Red KM5FCGY - Gray KM5FCBS - Black - Standard cabinet with battery capacity - Up to 28 Ah (Power Sonic PS-12280) Deep cabinet - Up to 40 Ah (Power Sonic PS-12400) 2 to 16 LOOPs (8 SLOTs)

- Standard cabinet dimensions - 540mm (W) x 720mm (H) x 160mm (D) or 21.3in (W) x 28.3in (H) x 6.3in (D) Cabinet depth - 540mm (W) x 720mm (H) ) x 212mm (D) or 21.3in (W) x 28.3in (H) x 8.3in (D) - Shell material mild steel plate, 1.5 mm - Input cable standard cabinet - 38 knockouts, 25 knockouts, 2 per side, 2 knockouts Deep Cabinet - 50 top knockouts, 25 return knockouts, 2 knockouts per side , 2 knockouts bottom - Standard cabinet with battery capacity - Up to 28 Ah (Power Sonic PS-12280) Deep cabinet - Up to 40 Ah (Power Sonic PS-12400) ALL MODEL

- Epoxy Coating Paint Red (RAL3002) Gray (BS 00 A 05) Black (RAL9005) Fascia Pantone 535 C

- Supply voltage 115 V AC or 230 V AC

- Power rating at 24 V DC 5.25 A (charges up to 60 Ah) 10.25 A (charges up to 100 Ah) - 800 x 480 full color LCD display with resistive touch screen and auto backlight dimming - Software 2000

- Software group 5000

- Cause and effect 5000

- Event log 10,000 events, 1 second resolution.

- Filterable and printable.

- Detection loops 2 to 16 are added 2 times (dual loop tag S758)

- 400 mA detection loop each AUX 24V Output 2; each rated at 900 mA NAC 4; each rated at 2.5 A. Class B or 2 Class A. Programmable relay output 5; 30 V DC 1 Amp Programmable input 3; designed to be activated by voltage-free contacts Network connection Optional network card provides network communication 127 fire control panels NAC synchronization Internal support of protocols System sensors , Wheelock, Gentex and Amseco Printer (OPTIONAL) 40 columns, front thermal load Zone indicator light (OPTIONAL)

- Up to 3 banks 48 (144)

- Operating temperature 23º F to 120º F (-5º C to 49º C)

- Operating humidity up to 95% (no condensation

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